I'm a Sociologist by training (Undergraduate and Master's degree) and currently a blogging mom. I've worked both in the academe (first as an Instructor, and then eventually as an Assistant Professor), as well as in the corporate world, and have always enjoyed writing in all its forms wherever I was employed.  Right now, I'm a stay-at-home mother who's still trying to figure out what her next step will be once it's time to go back to paid employment. In the meantime, I write and publish on this blog, and have also contributed to, and was featured on sites such as Mamapedia, The Huffington Post and SheKnows/BlogHer

I was born and raised in the Philippines, but now living in the U.S., initially in IL, now in TN. I've had to migrate because of marriage and have only been living in the States since the year 2004 (although I've visited before as a tourist).  Can you imagine how life must've changed for someone who lost everything familiar and have had to reconstruct her reality in her 30's??? Tough...very tough, but very spiritually enriching as well.  To give you some idea as to how it all began, you could read this and this.

With this site, I hope to explore and share with you my angst and cerebral meanders as I try to find my way around the world of motherhood, homesickness, modernity and everything else that makes our heads spin and hearts beat. 

I write about parenting, just as much as I enjoy writing about gleaned insights from everyday life experiences as I view them through a migrant's lens. 

I also love sharing my romantic, yet practical thoughts on relationships--with ourselves, our friends, families and partners--and throw in some spiritual lessons for good measure. 

I write about LIFE, this torturous yet mysteriously beautiful journey we all take. 

I hope you will journey with me and enjoy the ride!  Thank you for being part of this site and I hope you can take the time to share your thoughts on the essays I publish. I love connecting with my readers!

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The following blog entries are some of my personal favorites.  I also believe that they can give any new reader a taste of what this site is all about, how my mind works and how my writing is. Hopefully you'll be left with some wonderful flavors that would make you keep coming back for more!

Enjoy and please do leave comments!  I would love to hear from you!


  1. Hi Joy,
    My name is Rachele, and I recently came across your blog as it was mentioned by another mommy blogger. I just read through some of your posts and your About page - in love. Your writing style is so professional and I think I related to almost all of your points. I look forward to reading more.
    All the best to you and your gorgeous family!

    1. Hi Rachele! I'm pleased to meet you (virtually) and THANK YOU so much for your sweet comment! I'm happy you're able to relate to what you've read and truly look forward to 'hearing' more from you as well. Thanks and I hope you won't tire of visiting / reading. Have a great rest of the week :-))


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