Monday, December 17, 2018

Monday Motivation: Shifts


It's a word that can trigger much discomfort and one most of us would shy away from. But the more I stare at this word, the more I'm fascinated by it. It implies both a graceful subtlety and mysterious potential that I find it quite poetic. It's certainly not as daunting as 'upheaval', or as blunt as 'change'. And because it's such a gentle word, one that might even allude to imperceptibility, I think it's something that's easier for us to embrace and be open to.

I feel shifts all around me these days, more so than before. Some of these are self-initiated, while others are birthed by events forced upon me. Whatever their origins, any shifting occurring outside of me have necessitated a corresponding internal shift as well. It is a basic law of motion after all, isn't it? Everything stays in a uniform state or motion until acted upon by a force that compels it to change that state. 

We're always shifting. 

From one too naive, believing that the value she gave to relationships endows them with permanence, to one wiser and more humble, accepting that nothing is permanent.

From one who thought being nice appeases everyone, to one who now realizes being honest offers a more genuine peace. 

From one who valued tenacity at all cost, to one who's learned that sometimes there is value in giving up, and that there is honor in letting go. 

From one who believed shifts are to be feared, to one who is reminded that the breathtaking mountains we see on earth all came to be because of endless shifts and violent changes. Beauty takes time and it will happen, but only if we allow the shifts to unfold. 

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