Monday, October 1, 2018

Monday Motivation: Movimiento Es Vida

Original Image by: Vijay (CC)

In the movie World War Z, Brad Pitt's character—Gerry Lane—uttered a brief but profound lesson: "Movimiento es vida". Movement is life. And if I may further add, 'The Universe rewards action'. 

If you've always lived by "If you don't know what to do, do nothing", you may want to rethink it. In my own experience, I've realized that's not exactly the best choice. 

It's one thing to be reckless, it's another to be so caught up in caution and overanalysis to the point of paralysis. Been there, done that, regret it. I'm not saying I will stop being an overanalyzer. All I'm suggesting is that there needs to be some balance so that analysis doesn't become an excuse for inaction or stagnation. In those times when I allowed myself to push on in spite of feeling insecure and uncertain, I ended up with answers, a higher degree of certainty and satisfaction. I'm not saying I always ended up successful or that I got exactly the results I had hoped for, but at least I wasn't left with just questions and fear of the 'what if'. The truth is, the regrets I have in my life now are borne of those times when I let circumstances (or other people) decide for me. I did not move for fear of making a mistake or getting hurt, and demanded the perfect circumstances before making decisions, and yet everything around me demanded movement. The joke is obvious, isn't it? I wanted so much control over everything that it kept me from moving, that in the end I ended up with no control at all and was left to make do with the consequences of others' decisions. 

Roll the dice. If that's too much for you right now, at least pick up the dice and feel it, maybe just throw it gently. 

Rock the boat. If it's too scary, at least dip your hand in the water and see how that feels. Make gentle ripples with the tip of your finger. 

It may be a job, your health, or a relationship you need some movement with. You don't need anything drastic if that scares you or you just don't feel equipped for a big change as of yet. But opt for some movement. Make decisions. Feel the reality that life does offer you choices and you need to choose a door, a road, one way or the other. Life is about movement and energy so don't waste any of it. LIVE.


  1. Amen to this! I've been guilty of overanalyis to the point of paralysis on many occasions. It is a control issue and I've been slowly learning to overcome and move forward at a pace that's comfortable, but always moving a step forward by deciding and doing. I've learned that it gets much easier "to do" the more you practice it.

    1. I absolutely agree, Laurie! It's always hard to start but once we choose to 'do', the easier it becomes. Thank you for your thoughts, and for stopping by! :-)

  2. Joy, you are definitely on point. Every day that we wake up looking up is a great day and we need to enjoy it to the fullest. Tomorrow is not promised and there are no do-overs!

    1. Thank you for your insights, Antionette! Choosing positivity and action will always meet some resistance. But we have to keep moving forward. xoxo


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