Friday, November 3, 2017

Lifestyle Vlogs I Love to Hate

I love YouTube. It's a reliable and extremely entertaining and informative social media network. I turn to it for so many needs several times a week that they should probably bill me. (Please don't get any evil ideas, YouTube. I really only love you 'cos you're free.)

I use it for instructional videos, music, movie trailers, recipes, beauty tips, and of course, the mind-numbing yet visually enticing lifestyle vlogs. There's something soothing about watching people just go about their days, either traveling or just hanging in their houses to clean, organize, and decorate. What can I say? It satiates my voyeuristic tendencies. Plus, of course who doesn't like looking at charming homes and their farmhouse interiors, right? 

But there have been a handful who have successfully lured me into clicking on their videos, only for me to get annoyed in the end. And I'm mostly annoyed because they were either unrealistic or they heighten my sense of inadequacy. Yes, I know, I media is supposed to do that. But I'm especially sensitive to this on YouTube because I primarily go there for videos that would make me feel more normal, if not, better about my life. If I just wanted to feel inadequate, I'd just go to Pinterest and Facebook. 

Below are the types of vlogs I hate and I'll tell you why...

Fridge and freezer organization videos where the fridge has uniform-sized containers for teeny-tiny amounts of food 

I mean, of course your fridge looks good and spacious! There's hardly any food in there! I'm just going to be real. We're Asian and love to cook and eat. I can't fit all my condiments in one small basket in the fridge. While most people probably just have ketchup, mustard and mayo, we have soy sauce (and three or more different types), chili sauce, sesame oil, wasabi, shrimp paste, some pickled vegetable of some sort and other exotic stuff. 

We're also not traditionally big salad eaters so no thanks to those cutesy mason jar salad kits that have become an annoying trend this past year. And why must everything be contained in mason jars anyway? 

As for leftovers kept in small stackable glass containers that are Pinterest-worthy, no I'm afraid that won't work for us either. We're fond of cooking too much to feed a lot of people that sometimes we just refrigerate entire pots of dishes. I've recently gotten better at cooking less and storing in smaller containers but I don't always succeed. And when I'm super lazy, I also just stick the rice cooker pan in there instead of storing our leftover cooked rice in smaller bowls. So yeah, my fridge is clearly not YouTube material and these hyperorganized vloggers who, by the way, only have all organic stuff in their fridges and freezers, make me roll my eyes until my head hurts.

Speed-Cleaning / Cleaning Motivation / Clean-With-Me videos that insist cleaning your entire home is a quick and easy task if you just do it regularly

I clean regularly. I've even bought into the idea peddled by these cleaning experts that I need to assign each day of my week to a certain zone in my house so I'm never overwhelmed. But when you keep telling me that I can clean my entire house in a little over an hour, you just make me want to press the B.S. button. I've even watched a few vloggers say that cleaning the bathrooms should not take more than 20 minutes. Well, I cleaned our 2.5 baths and it took me more than one hour. It wasn't even deep cleaning. I cleaned my kitchen and that alone took me close to two hours. Did I misunderstand 'kitchen cleaning' when I opted to clear my sink of dirty dishes, wipe all my counters and the table, clean my stove and microwave, wipe down the fronts of my kitchen cabinets, and sweep, then mop the floor? You tell me. 

What cracked me up (and grossed me out) was watching one vlogger clean her entire house with only one rag! She was dusting everywhere with the same rag. I almost threw up in my mouth when I watched her use that rag to wipe around the toilet bowl, and then she moved to wipe down her bathroom sinks AND counter top. Eeewwww....I guess one must do what one needs to do for speed cleaning on camera!

'Easy and Quick Kid-Friendly Meals'

I don't know what some of these YouTube vloggers are thinking but when I see 'kid-friendly' I don't expect to be taught how to serve quinoa, brown rice, or goat cheese to my picky eater. My kid eats white rice and is smart enough to detect when it's been replaced with brown, quinoa, or mushy cauliflower. He doesn't even like regular, mild American cheese so how am I supposed to give him brie, blue, or goat cheese? In an ideal world, my child will eat all the micronutrients this world has to offer through kale, salmon, eggs, berries and other hip grains Whole Foods has to offer. But in this world, his palate leaves much to be desired and I have to send thank you notes to some of these vloggers for driving me in the throes of depression for pinpointing how I'm a sucky parent. 

Travel vlogs that give you 'travel hacks' so you arrive fresh and relaxed at your destination

...then as soon as you start watching, you realize these jerks are travelling first class! 

How about you guys fly only Economy for 24+ hours from the east coast of the United States to somewhere in Asia? Let's see what hacks you can give me that I don't already know to keep one sane and relaxed until touchdown. 

I still love YouTube and will keep watching. But next time I see these annoying vlogs, I can't promise I won't be leaving a comment. Don't worry, I'll keep it short and sweet...and all organic!  


  1. AMEN with the food videos for kids. "Your kids will be screaming for more of this kale encrusted tofu stir fry with lentils!" Oh, they'd be screaming for sure. ;)

  2. Ah! I never knew these kind of videos existed, maybe I don't use the site often :(
    But, if these kind of videos do exist, why do they lie to their followers? Doing it for the views. Huh.

    1. A catchy title sometimes only serves as click bait. And sometimes, though the creator's intentions may be good, it could just be a case of bad titles. :-) Thanks for stopping by, Sakshi!


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