Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Our Divided States of America: What Now?

I don't particularly like getting political on this space but there is nothing else for me to say today or for the rest of the week other than #*&^$$%^(^()_:>>?<)*^$###!! Expletives in every version imaginable.

To say that I'm saddened and frightened by all this is an understatement. It was unexpected. And to read that HRC won the popular vote and yet DT still won the presidency, thanks to the Electoral College, is rubbing salt into the wound. However, one still can't deny that millions voted for the unqualified, hateful, misogynist. I am certain those who did so have varying reasons. 

Maybe they saw him as the perfect anti-establishment candidate. 

Maybe they think he's the perfect person who can advocate for their concerns after feeling so powerless and disenfranchised for so long. 

Maybe they just want to vote for their party regardless of who it is because they feel their conservative values are threatened. 

Maybe they are racist and want to protest against every progress made by our first black President. 

Maybe they just hate women. 

We can rack our brains for days to figure all this out and agree on an elegant theory but one thing is for sure. This is a truly divided nation and there is immeasurable work to be done as we all do our best to move forward. 

Moving forward...I will admit it is not easy for me. I can't even stand to hear Trump's voice and look at his face, so to imagine being exposed to this for four years is asking a lot from me. But I know it must be done. For the sake of our children, we all need to show respect for each other. Whether we like it or not, we are in this together and change never had any power when it didn't come from the ground up. 

With every impulse to be angry, we need to choose humility.

With every impulse to look for blame and cause division, we need to choose acceptance and wisdom to see the undeniable likeness we share beneath our clothes, and skin and ideologies. 

After all is said and done, the truth is we all want a good life for us and our children. We all want a better economy that works for everyone and not just the 1%. We all want a sustainable planet that we can live in and pass on to generations to come. We want world peace, as cliche as that sounds. We want equality and respect for all lives regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic status. 

Those are my desires and the fight continues. The protection of these rights and dreams depend on each person's vigilance. We are our institutions. Don't ever forget your agency, your power to effect change no matter how small. The power to heal does not lie in one leader alone. It's up to each citizen to either choose division or unity. 


F*ck all that! I am angry as hell and worried beyond words that every bit of progress we've achieved these past eight years will be obliterated by the racist Republicans in power (maybe not all) who have made it very clear that their only agenda is to destroy Barack Obama. In the process, they will destroy a lot of rights and privileges now enjoyed by Americans, especially the marginalized. This makes me enraged! And I pray to God this rage only powers us more to fight harder for social justice!


  1. I have often felt that rage is a great motivator to do and be a better person. I like your rage. I have no desire to try and speak nicely about the new regime, they offend me on too man levels.

    1. Same here, Linda. I really don't think there is anything nice to say about this incoming administration. And to have control of all branches of gov't? You've got to be kidding. No amount of alcohol can drown our pain. Thanks for stopping by and may the Force be with us.

  2. Rage is palpable today, Joy. It will not go away anytime soon but, you're right, we need to get ourselves together and make sure this doesn't destroy us and the country we love.

    1. You're right, Barbara. This will linger, I just know and feel it. It doesn't feel good inside. It's heavy but when I see that the Republicans like McConnell can't wait to repeal the ACA and are just itching to undo everything our President has achieved it drives me. completely. insane! For the sake of this country and the world, I pray Trump doesn't destroy us all. And I do hope that when the next elections come along, voters will be far wiser. God help us.

  3. I'm too tired to make sense but I support you every step of the way


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