Friday, March 4, 2016

My Social Media Feed Is Killing Me!

I've been defeated. I surrender and at least for now, I will accept it. 

My creativity has been completely sucked dry by all the stupid things flooding my news feed on social media. I take responsibility for not being able to stay away. I own that. But you all know how it goes. You log in to see how your real friends are doing. Then you realize you have more virtual than real friends who are active online and worse, they always seem to have far more interesting lives than those you personally know. Or maybe they're just making all that up and you have no real way of finding out for sure since you don't personally know them. But who cares, right? You're entertained. 

And then someone posts something political that angers you to the core. Then you hop on the treadmill to burn off that angry energy. After 30 minutes, you realize it's not enough and you need to attack that jar of peanut butter to soothe that anger. It works for a bit and you feel like the world makes sense once more. So you go back to checking the same stupid news feed with a false sense of calm and naive optimism, thinking that this kind of exposure will ultimately give you great material for your writing.

This time someone posts a real-life scary event that happens at a Walmart parking lot near your residence. Someone almost got mugged..or worse. But then as you read through the comments because you're a snoop and is insatiable when it comes to details, you just encounter more idiots in the form of gun freaks, commenting that this is why everyone needs to carry guns. The logic behind it all floors you and makes you wonder how some people can really just say the smartest things! WOW. (Wow, as in, I really need a drink now!)

You hop on the treadmill again. Maybe an additional 20 minutes with simultaneous cussing will take care of all this aggression and frustration. 

You keep doing this, experiencing this cycle numerous times throughout the entire day, always stupidly optimistic that the next time you log in, you shall see something inspiring that will fire up your creativity and make you write something worthwhile. 

Of course you are proven wrong and before you know it, the day is almost over and now you're too tired from all that exercise and burnt out from all that frustration and questioning of why your news feed keeps showing you the same stupid posts from the same stupid people you don't even really care about, and here you are still stuck with nothing worthwhile to write about other than this rant. 

Maybe another tub of peanut butter will soothe this angry soul, and maybe said peanut butter will show magical swirls with secret messages of what to write about next. 

Stay tuned.....


  1. Finding inspiration in the bottom of a . . . peanut butter jar. Works for me! :)

    1. I wish, right Diane? If only every swirl or tablespoon of that creamy goodness can make me write a thousand (worthwhile) words every single time! LOL!

  2. There is a reason I'm hardly on fb and that's because it makes me crazy. So while I've left my profile up and post my writing there, I'm not interactive on there. I'm sure it makes me look like an elitist snob, but I don't care, it keeps me sane to reduce the amount of time I spend on social media. The people who really know me, really get and understand that.

    1. You're definitely on to something, Marie. It's probably good for my sanity and blood pressure. Thanks!!

  3. For me, even more than the emotions it elicits, is the amount of time that can be wasted on social media. Like you, I often browse there looking for inspiration or articles to curate - and am always surprised by how much time goes by. The frustration of poor time management can also lead to a scoop of peanut butter!


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