Friday, February 19, 2016

Therapeutic Adult Math Problems

My son is now learning about elapsed time in Math. For the past several days, this is the type of problem that he's had to solve for his homework: 

"Hannah wants to meet her friends downtown. Before leaving home, she does chores for 60 minutes and eats lunch for 20 minutes. The walk downtown takes 15 minutes. Hannah starts her chores at 11:45 A.M. At what time does she meet her friends?"

Pretty fun and challenging, isn't it?

Well, I thought it would be fun to come up with my own real life math problems but with an adult twist. Go ahead and answer as you please, all solutions are acceptable, mathematical or otherwise. I'm excited to see how 'gifted' you all are! 

Question #1:

Dan is a 45-year old divorcee and is now back in the dating scene, ready for a new commitment. He knows himself and has established dating rules that he believes can never be broken. He is certain he needs to exclusively date someone for 5 years before he can pop the question. He also needs 1 full year of engagement before getting married. He's been dating Alexa for 3 years now, since 2013. 

When is the earliest wedding year for Dan and Alexa if all goes well?

Bonus question: If you could, would you date Dan? Explain your answer.

Question #2:

It's 2016. Sarah and Steve, both 27 years old, used to be engaged but have broken up. Their relationship lasted for 4 years. After breaking up, they immediately decided to remain friends. It's been 2 years since they broke up. Both are still single. Both are still entertaining the possibility of getting back together. Sarah wants to be married and have kids in 3 years because she is certain the apocalypse will come in the year 2022.

What year did Steve and Sarah first get together? 

Bonus question: Do you believe that exes can  or should remain friends?

Question #3:

It's Ken and Barbie's 30th anniversary. Ken takes a 1 hour and 25 minute train ride from the office to the suburbs, and then another 20 minute drive in his car from the train station to his house. But today he needs to swing by the store to buy some nice flowers which will add a total of 20 minutes to his usual schedule. Barbie has made an 8 P.M. dinner reservation at their favorite Indian restaurant 10 minutes away from their house. 

What is the exact maximum time that Ken can leave his office to make it to the 8pm dinner reservation?

Bonus question: What is the most bizarre excuse you've ever heard in your life for someone being late to an appointment?

I'm really looking forward to your answers and thank you in advance for participating! Have a great weekend, everyone!


Let me know your thoughts!