Friday, February 12, 2016

Romantic Date Ideas to Please an Overthinker

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So you're with an overthinker. Congratulations! You need to realize how much of an honor it is to be loved by someone who enjoys thinking about everything. You can rest assured that the choice to love you or be with you was a conscious, overthought out and overanalyzed decision so the least you can do is to bring your "A" game and try to live up to her expectations. You'll probably never fully succeed (just to give you fair warning) but know that your efforts will always be appreciated and reciprocated. The worst thing you could do is to bore an overthinker. 

To help you out especially since Valentine's Day is almost here, I've come up with a few creative ideas that will surely please your overthinking lover.

1. Do a special movie marathon, and by special, I mean be very discriminating with your movie choices. Select only those truly deserving of an overthinker's mental endurance and a postmortem that is bound to happen. Think along the lines of Interstellar, The Adjustment Bureau (fit for romance indeed!), or The Matrix (Part 1 only). If you have a lot of time and popcorn, I'd even say brave into Cloud Atlas territory. If, however, you'd rather go in a mini-series direction because you're pressed for time, I would highly recommend In Treatment.

2. Create a personalized "Choose Your Own Adventure" with a culinary twist instead of going with a traditional sit-down meal. We all loved reading that when we were kids and I'm sure your partner will appreciate your creativity and devotion in executing something like this. 

Let me give you an example.

Start out by giving her a piece of paper with something like this written on it: 

"You're alone in the house and you hear something heavy fall behind one of your hallway doors. One is your coat closet and the other is your storage room. You have to act fast and choose one door to open and see where that strange sound came from...."

For every choice she makes, every 'door' or adventure she opens, there will be something edible for her to consume, maybe a small appetizer, a glass of her favorite cocktail, or a piece of chocolate. There will then be another piece of paper telling her where the adventure leads. This is somewhat of a treasure hunt although it's more exciting because of the choices. It does require a bit more work but it should be fun. You should even go on the adventure together. For instance you can include an option where the two of you need to drive to a Krispy Kreme and depending on the type of donut she chooses (give her only two options of course), there will be a corresponding adventure. Maybe original glazed will lead back to the house, while a strawberry iced will mean having a game of tennis (make sure you pack all necessary supplies in the trunk). You get the drift! This will keep her on her toes and make her brain do a happy dance! Just don't forget that all of the choices need to involve even just a small bite of something you both love to eat. Think of it as a deconstructed Valentine's Day meal.

3. Have conversations all day long about every single 'What If' scenario you can think of. This is to die for! There is nothing sexier to an overthinker than deep conversations or fun hypothetical brain teasers. If you don't know where to start, let the idea of having a parallel universe or multiverses guide you. That should do the trick!

4. If you don't do so well coming up with your own topics for #3 above, then consider gifting her with books such as If or The Book of Questions instead of spending your money on flowers. Trust me when I say that, especially for overthinkers, the flowers will surely die but the questions never will! In that respect, I'd have to say that such books work best with a dose of alcohol especially if you, unlike your partner, are not exactly a sucker for hypotheticals. Realize that as the gifter, you are automatically obliged to go through these books with your overthinker partner as a profession of your undying love.

5. Last but not least, give your partner mind-blowing sex. You would never want to leave an overthinker wondering if the two of you did it right. Make no space for questions or doubt. Blow her mind, shut the brain off. I see no greater gift to an overthinker than helping her rest her brain!

After all is said and done, seriously there is simply one message you should give to your overthinker partner. Tell your partner that you wouldn't have it any other way; that you love all of her (or him!), body, soul and especially mind. Telling us that it's our mind that truly turns you on and that you will never tire of our questions and curiosity is the most romantic thing you could ever profess. 


  1. Mind-blowing sex?!!! OMG!!! I think I will settle for the movie marathon - on my own. Fortunately (for me), I don't have a partner but for those who do, these are some really great ideas, especially the mind-blowing sex.

    1. LOL! A movie marathon is more relaxing, I agree! Thanks Pennie! :-))

  2. Wow Joy you wrote "mind-blowing sex" and it's kinda blowing my mind right now.

    1. LOL!!! Why is everyone, friends online and IRL, reacting to #5 that much? hhahahahah! I must really seem like a prude that any talk of sex shocks you guys ;-)) Thanks Marie!


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