Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Can I Really Stop Hating the New Year?

It's no secret that I've always had a disdain for New Year celebrations, or the coming of the new year for that matter. All it ever meant to me was the end of the Christmas or holiday festivities, the end of joyous times, taking down the beautiful holiday decorations, dealing with fireworks, fire crackers and all sorts of noise I can't tolerate, going back to work or school and the whole drudgery of daily life. It means the start of waiting one more year before the glee starts all over again. In other words, new year's eve to me is one big "UGGGHHHH".

I realize that there's something terribly selfish and short-sighted about my views on this subject. I'm not particularly proud of it, don't believe I can just magically change it, but I now see an antidote to this negative thinking. 

I need to zoom out. I need to think outside myself. Isn't this true for all things if we want to cultivate more gratitude and positive disposition?

So, sincerely I wish this for the coming New Year...

May it be a fresh start to those who have lost a job, a steady source of income, lost confidence or direction. Don't write off Hope just yet. Most of all, don't give up on You.

May it offer healing to the brokenhearted, those whose hearts got deserted no matter the circumstance. Know that you are never alone and that Love always finds its way back to open hearts. Don't shut yours.

May those who have resolutions pertaining to weight loss find beauty in the body they have now, beauty in the miracle that it is and how it sustains us independent of its size, shape or weight. Shed the weight of self-hate. That is all.

May we all strive to appreciate the truth that we are all inevitably connected. Male, Female, Rich, Poor, First World, Third World, Healthy, Sick. Our shared humanity calls out to us in every interaction. Recognize it. Feel it. Allow it to make you desire to create a more compassionate world. Have Faith that it's still possible. 

Have a blessed 2016! It can just be another year, another step, more of the same. Or it can be a year when your vulnerability offers gifts of deeper connections with your self and others. No, I haven't changed my mind about the noise and the sadness of ending the festivities. But I have the strangest feeling that I'm getting a bit more excited about stepping into January 1 to see where it leads ALL of us. The New Year Grinch isn't totally incurable after all...


  1. Happy new year Joy! Although Im kinda with you. I don't believe in resolutions for the new year, hate going out to celebrate on new years eve, never stay awake till midnight... the whole thing is annoying!

  2. Wishing you a fantastic 2016! Loved that final paragraph and all the hope packed in there.


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