Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Summery Summary

Summer’s inches away from the finish line
And I hear it panting, desperate for a break
Or maybe it’s me grunting, rushing time
Aching for a shift, my sanity at stake.
It’s been a busy summer, 
much crazier than those before
The good and the bad, the fun and excruciating
I really can’t ask for more.

My mom surprised me,
flew across the seas to visit.
She wanted to show up for my son’s First Communion.
She said she couldn’t miss it!

Mom’s vacation is never long enough for me
This time only a hundred days she stayed
We had to make full use of every moment
So all summer long we all played.

We took a week-long vacation,
A once-in-a-lifetime cross-country trip
Driving three days from Nashville to Vegas
I’m surprised I didn’t flip!

We saw a huge meteor crater,
the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam,
Explored casinos in Las Vegas,
And had a blast with the group Blue Man!

And then on the drive back
a different adventure,
Passing through Texas
We all felt real fear and danger.

A major car accident,
our Honda Pilot got hit
By a red truck that lost control
When traffic wasn’t moving, not one bit.

You’d think my bad luck
would stop just about there
But no, no, no, no!
There’s actually more to share.

I also got called for jury service
And had to show up twice
Then my dentist put a crown on my molar
Only to be further sent for a root canal…Oh how nice!

I couldn't eat, a pain to chew
and then there were days, I felt so blue
Had serious fights with those I love,
Said "I've had enough!", to the Heavens above.

Sure, things got patched up
and everyone moved on
Love is tough and stubborn that way
always ready for a new dawn.

But I'm seriously tired
Am so ready for Fall
I need to chill and lose the heat
I hope this week is its last call.

A new season, a change of pace
although I'm sure of new challenges to face
At least we have lots of Holidays to look forward to
So lets be positive and may the Force be with you, too!


  1. I loved it Joy! I am ready for the heat to be gone as well. It's has been miserable here in SC! I'm glad you got such a terrific vacation this summer with your parents that makes it even more special. I think about you a lot when I think about mom knowing yours is so far away. When your grandmother passed I remember how hurt you were that you couldn't go home. I know it's not the same, but at least the miles went away for just a little bit! Happy Fall! haha!

    1. I'm sincerely touched by your words, Rena. THANK YOU so much for thinking of me. I still think of my Grandma a lot and it's so funny cos every time I think of her, I think of your Mom and you. Lots of love to you!! :-)))

  2. What a novel way to write about your summer. Enjoyed it. Oh dear! You really do need a change of pace. The amazing thing is that all of those difficult experiences will pass into memory and with time, some will become laughable, others will be forgettable, and others won't matter. What you will always remember is your mother surprising you at your son's First Holy Communion.

  3. This is fabulous Joy! Such a fun read. I can't decide if I'm ready for fall, or not - but it's coming anyway!


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