Friday, May 1, 2015

Top 5 Excuses for Failing to Blog

I can't seem to write anything decent. I don't know exactly what's causing the dry spell but it's a bad case of writer's block. I sit and stare at the blank computer screen, hypnotized by that blinking black line that keeps on mocking me.

So instead of completely surrendering to this void on my screen and my brain (which is possibly more of a dense black hole, full and yet void at the same time, incapable of spewing anything intelligible at this time), I've decided to milk my misfortune and create a post around it.

Here are my top five excuses for failing to blog! Yay!

Image by: Drew Coffman via Flickr Creative Commons

1. There's just far too many interesting updates on Facebook, organization porn on Pinterest, and endless Amy Schumer videos on YouTube...all much too entertaining and zapping my brain cells in the process.

2. I went to leave a blog comment on another site and the 'I'm not a robot' captcha wore me out. It asked me to check all the pictures of bread I can see and gave me 12 pictures to choose from. I chose one that obviously looked like bread, one that looked like dough, and included two that looked like pizza. It says I'm wrong. Isn't pizza bread???? And thus started a never-ending existential crisis.....

3. I'm having way too much real life, face-to-face adult conversation than what I'm used to (and trust me, I have a really low threshold), making cathartic writing a bit redundant. 

4. I'm seeing too much ugliness in the world and am still waiting for world peace to inspire me. I'm taking to heart what my mother taught me—"If you don't have anything good to say, just stuff your face with brownies!"

Which brings me to #5...

5. Fudgy brownies vs. sit in my office to type a blog post? No brainer, right?!? One might argue I can eat said brownies in my office. But they're so chewy and moist that I need to enjoy every moment of this sacred experience. Respect the brownie, people! How dare you even suggest I multitask!

How about you guys throw me some of your best excuses for not doing what you're supposed to be doing? Misery loves fudgy brownie, right?  


  1. Only you can take nothing to write about and make it sound freaking hilarious! You just crack me up! I just pinned a "31 Writing Prompts for May to my Pinterest Board "Blogging Tips" filled with all this really cool stuff that I never have time to read! Check it out maybe it will inspire an idea! Have a great weekend! *Hugs*

    1. I'm touched, Rena. Glad to have entertained you :-))) I shall check that out! Dry spells drive me insane! Thanks so much!!

  2. Well Joy, you hit my top excuse for not blogging. I have found that when I am busy reading and commenting on other people's blogs, my brain isn't creating anything interesting to write about. Facebook doesn't tempt me like it used to, and I look at Pinterest in fits and starts, but I am a photo addict, and Instagram and Flickr are my downfall.

    I can appreciate the black hole you are in right now, having experienced it many times myself. I wish I could be of more help, and I know that this phrase is beginning to sound so clich├ęd, but for me the most important thing I can do is to "be present in the moment". Because the moment is all we have, after all. If that moment is brownies, then enjoy every bite!

    Thanks for turning your dry spell into such an entertaining post Joy. It brought me the first smile and laugh of the day. :)

    PS....WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS>>>>CHOCOLATE!!!! (I think I need a brownie!)

    1. Aww, thank you Cathy. And now you've made MY day! You're correct though, the present is what we have. I pray for blessed 'presents' for you, my friend. Please take care and keep enjoying the chocolate! xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. It's great, neverending distraction, Nina. Thanks! ;-)

  4. So funny Joy! #2 is driving me crazy lately - why is Captcha doing the pictures again? The annoying thing is that I have it turned off on my blog, but it's ignoring me!

    1. Oh dear, I have to check my blog I guess. Yes, it's super annoying and sometimes I just can't figure out the pictures...grrrr.....Thanks Lana!


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