Wednesday, May 20, 2015


You can tell a lot about a person by the way she/he responds to pain.

When you hurt...

You can strike back. 
You can retreat.
You can deny the pain exists.
You can drown it in other distractions.
You can nurse the wound and wail silently in your sorrow,
or you can announce it to the world for them to cheer you on.
You can fall on your knees and call out to the Divine,
or curse what you've been dealt and feel driven by anger.

I keep it,
for as long as I could.
I try to breathe it in,
turn it inside out, dig deeper into it,
take the shards in my hand only to cut myself again...
and again.

I swim out of it, or at least try to,
if only to steal a breath or two,
and dive and drown in it all over again, as if in search of something.
I sing with it, dance to it, but most of all,
I write verses with it.


  1. Beautiful, Joy. And I hope everything's okay!

  2. Yep, the pain's got to go somewhere, all right. I appreciate how you've put this into honest, lovely words.

  3. Yes. You can't ignore pain. Psychic pain usually ends up in the body, screaming to get out. It's good to get it out onto the page before that happens.


  4. I loved this but wondering if you are doing okay?

    1. Thanks Rena. Rough patch, I must admit. But slowly finding my way out. xoxo

  5. Physical pain is one thing, then I'm a whiner. Psychic pain is the other,then I'm a digger and excavator.

  6. Very interesting post, I liked it but I wouldn't want to feel it.


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