Friday, September 12, 2014


Image by : Riley Briggs

I gain perspective when my child is sick.

Whenever my mommy gut tells me it's something more serious than the usual cold and cough, panic comes rushing in. 

I worry. 

I torment myself. 

My head tightens. My fingers can't stop clicking away on my phone or computer, researching for diagnoses and explanations. 

I drive myself insane.

A year or so ago, I would have just ended this post right here.

Fortunately, I gain a little bit more than just spots and wrinkles as I age. I now know that I have a choice. I know that I can step back, take a deep breath (or as many as is necessary), and look again. Just give my situation another look.


My son is the most important person in my world. When I'm concerned about his health and safety, nothing else seems to matter. For the first time in many, many weeks, all of a sudden, getting published at some big shot website doesn't matter. The countless tabs left open on my computer screen reminding me of writing projects I dream of taking part of, all get put aside as I find myself clicking the x's on these tabs. All of a sudden, I'm cut off from social media and my only active tabs are allotted solely for CDC, Web MD, or Everything in my being is consumed by the desire to make him better. That is all.

And then I refocus again.

My child's illness has a diagnosis. He is behaving within a close proximity to 'normal'. The doctor thinks he should be well within the next three days. I don't know for sure if that will come true, but I can choose to hope for the best.

I think of all the other children who have incurable illnesses. I think of family and friends who are battling cancer. I think of parents who have lost their children all too suddenly. And yet these same broken hearts and hope-challenged souls still find a way to fight, to embrace the promise of hope, and see their lives with gratitude. 

Surely, I have no excuse not to choose the same way.

And then in that brief moment of exhaling, I accidentally land on a news website telling me that our sun has, and will continue to fire super solar flares in the next few days. Scientists assure us it's nothing to be concerned about but this surely gives me even greater perspective. And a perspective within a perspective even, when I reminded myself that though the flares can actually be threatening to life as we know it, they still create such beautiful northern lights which I have been dying to see!...(if only I didn't live too far south...*sigh*...)

It really just all depends on how we view it, right?

From one vantage point, my world and my worries are all there is. From another extreme, they completely pale in comparison.

I can choose to see my son's illness as just that, and one that causes me worry. Or my perspective could be viewing his illness as an opportunity for realizing many other perspectives.

The choices are always there.

Author's Note: To those who are wondering, the little one was initially diagnosed with strep.  However, after two days, his throat culture came back and it was negative for strep. He was seen again earlier today by his doctor and now it appears what he has may be viral. His rashes/ blisters look more like Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. The sores are all over his throat, and there are red spots on his feet, hands/fingers, elbows and one on his ear. I am hoping he will recover more during the weekend and be ready to go back to normal by Monday. Keeping fingers crossed and accepting with much gratitude any positive vibes you can throw our way. Thank you for your thoughts!


  1. Joy all three of my kids have had "Hand Foot" and it's no fun!! But it does go away, they are just so miserable!!!! I love this piece, I do the same dance when my kids are sick!! Hope he is feeling better soon!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Kathy. The worries just never end. There is this and there is EVD68. What's next? *sigh*

  2. It's hard to stay calm when your child is sick. I just had two of mine down with EV-D68, somehow, if the illness has a scary name like that I think it's worse. Which it wasn't. They stayed home, rested, slept, I stuffed their bodies with fluids, played endless hands of cards and they are fine. Now, we'll see if the other two get it...

    1. You're blessed that your kids didn't have a bad case of it, Marie! Whew! Hopefully, the infection stops there. Sending good thoughts as well!

  3. You are so right - whenever our children are hurting, nothing else matters. Mine are teenagers and I still feel that way. BTW, both my boys had Hand Foot Mouth Disease when they were little - they felt horrible but it didn't last long. I can't even imagine having a child with a serious illness. Hope your little boy is feeling better!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Lana. And yeah, I'm realizing that no matter what age our kids are, we never really stop being parents and worrying about them. It's really just part of the job description. Hope all is well in your family! :-))


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