Friday, July 4, 2014

The Courage To Be Free


As it is July 4th today, Independence Day for Americans, I'd like to give a brief list of wishes to all of you, regardless of nationality.

I wish you freedom....

from the belief that you do not deserve love and a spiritual partnership that bring out the best in you

from people that bring nothing but negativity and heaviness to your soul

from negative conditioning that shackles your mind, preventing you to shine at your utmost magnificence

from lies you believe that keep you from appreciating the beauty and remarkable efficiency of your body now, regardless of your shape and size

from fears that bind you to a Self and a Life less than what is truly meant for you---perhaps a job you are afraid to pursue or a job you are afraid to leave; 
a relationship you can't turn your back on for fear of being alone or being able to find something better; 
a dream you're turning your back on because you don't want to fail.

Be grateful for the freedoms you enjoy.
Use them wisely and never passively.

To be truly free is to not only have the capacity to make choices,
but to create those choices.  

Create your choices with Reason and Rationality,
and most of all, 

May we all strive for authentic freedom and live lives reflective of a freedom truly well-deserved.  

And may freedom never be wasted on us through unconscious and irrational choices.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety  deserve neither liberty nor safety. 
--- Benjamin Franklin

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  1. Well said. Thanks for the inspirational reminder.


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