Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our Purpose-Laden Lives

Image by:  Thomas Hawk

This morning I read an article on Yahoo about a woman who discovered an interesting letter inside her Saks Fifth Avenue shopping bag.  It was a letter written by a man who claimed he was being held prisoner in China and forced to work like a slave to produce those shopping bags (and other items) in bulk. (You can read the entire story here).  

To me the most interesting twist to the story is that the woman who discovered the letter also happens to work for a human rights organization. Naturally, this flashes 'coincidence' pretty much like a neon sign. Some people call it coincidence, but I personally would rather call it fate, meant-to-be, aligning of the stars.  

I'm one who doesn't believe in mere coincidences and would rather see that things that happen have a purpose for which we were designated.  I'm one who likes paying attention to 'signs' and would like to believe that life speaks to us, nudges us to go a certain way.  I believe in human agency, that we need to make decisions and act.  But I also believe that a lot of times, if we just pay close attention, we see that the Universe provides sign posts that guide us towards where we need to be or what would be most beneficial to the evolution of our souls.  

I'm not speaking these words out of some empty belief system.  I speak them because I've seen and felt them in my own life.  Marriage, pregnancy and miscarriage, and even job positions, have all shown me that things almost always eventually align and make sense when the time is right and when we are ready to see.  

I've fought with fate on countless occasions, only to discover that no matter where I go or what I do, the road still obviously wanted me to go another way. I've resisted letting go of people only to eventually realise it simply would not work out no matter how much I bargained or negotiated with the Universe.  I've also resisted letting some people into my life only to find that it was simply inevitable and that stars were simply aligning too much to be denied.

Everything is connected and to refuse that truth is a lost battle.  I even think that reading that news article about the mysterious letter in the shopping bag is not a coincidence; that perhaps I needed the reminder that we cross paths and are in each other's lives because of a meaningful purpose.  It could be for a reminder about a need I have for myself, my aspirations, inclinations or what I don't want in my life and where I don't want to be.  Or it could be some purpose I have to serve in someone's life.  Whatever it is, messages are out there.  We just need to be ready to receive them.  

“Most of the time, the power of fate played on like a quiet and monotonous ground bass, coloring only the edges of his life.  Rarely was he reminded of its existence.  But every once in a while, when the balance would shift,  (and what controlled the balance he never knew; he could discover no regularity in those shifts), the force would increase, plunging him into a state of near-paralytic resignation.   At such times, he had no choice but to abandon everything, and give himself up to the flow.  He knew from experience that nothing he could do or think would ever change the situation.  Fate would demand its portion, and until it received that portion, it would never go away.  He believed this with his whole heart.” ---From the Novel "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" by Haruki Murakami                                                                                


  1. There are definitely no coincidences!

  2. Some say that 'everything happens for a reason'. It might well be true, but I am of two minds about it. I have always fought for what I have. Always. Of course, sometimes I didn't get what I want. It is all about compromise in the end, and feeling happy with what we have.


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