Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Mother's Performance Evaluation: Do I Measure Up?

Mother's Day always gives me an amusing but valuable view of my son's perspective of me and my parenting of him. You know how our school-age kids make some cute Mother's Day projects in school and it's always accompanied by a sheet or two of these fill-in-the-blanks, slumbook-esque items or questions which are supposed to describe the Mom? Well, of course I got them too and let's just say it offered me not only the sweet 'Awwww's', but also the disturbed 'Hmmmmm's....'.

Let's first deal with the superficial stuff.  Apparently, my son thinks I am 6'1" tall.  (He actually wrote 4'25" under height so I had to bust out my math skills to correctly interpret that one).  I also only weigh 75 lbs. in my son's eyes which is really sweet of him, although combining that with my newly assigned height, makes me cartoonishly- and freakishly-skinny.

My interpretation of how my son possibly sees me.  (Yes I have no drawing skills!)

What interested me the most was the fill-in-the-blank item that says "My Mom is good at many things.  One thing she's best at is..." and he wrote, "...her work blo(g)ging and cleaning".

I'm glad that my son recognizes my writing / blogging as 'work', which means that to a certain extent, he also probably recognizes my identity as a 'writer/ blogger'.  This, of course, makes me happy since it adds a dimension to how he perceives me; that to him, I can be good at things other than housework.  

However, I couldn't help but really reflect on that item and ask myself what I'm really good at and what I'm good for these days.  I have been out of the