Friday, July 19, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Play Candy Crush

You know those DirectTV commercials that feature causality at its best?  Well, I've decided to make my own version concerning the highly addictive online game, Candy Crush Saga.


When you play Candy Crush, you get stuck.

When you get stuck, you scream and growl in front of your computer.

When you scream and growl in front of your computer, others start thinking you're possessed.

When people think you're possessed, they call an exorcist.

When an exorcist comes, you get tied to a bed for hours.

When you get tied to a bed for hours, sooner or later you'll have no other choice but to end up peeing and sh*tting in your pants.

When you pee and sh*t in your pants, you'll be put back in diapers.

Don't get put back in diapers. 

Get rid of Candy Crush.  
Either that or learn meditation to manage game-related anxieties.



  1. I've been stuck at level 181 for weeks now. I am about ready to give it all up! :)

  2. I never play on the computer. It is mot my thing. I won't try Candy Crush then!


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