Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Reptile Vs. Scorpio

I'm a homebody.  No, really I am.  And you should never underestimate my preference for staying home because I've been known to surprise people at how much I can stand being home for extended periods of time.  Besides, who needs to go out when I can have my own adventures indoors?

Just late last week, my son and I were overjoyed seeing these two, first in our neighbor's backyard and then eventually they moved to ours...

They just suddenly came out from the wooded area and we felt so sorry for them because they seemed really lost.  It was fun staring at them and watching them as they tried to freeze for us.  I guess they could see and sense us even from behind our windows so after a while, Noah was enjoying playing semi-hide-and-seek with these two beauties. Eventually, the game ended and they found their way back to the woods, so there goes their happy ending!  Yipee!

This morning though, someone surprised me again, although in a not-so-good way.  I have to warn you that I also contributed to its not-so-good 'ending'....

blue-tailed lizard

I'd like to think of all this as 'meant to be'.  You see, I was on my computer with my back turned away from the window.  And then Noah came to talk to me, so I spun around to face him.  Then it just so happened that my eye wandered towards the window (curtains drawn, by the way) and lo and behold. I saw this 'shadow' crawling on the backside of the white curtain.  Noah was in denial at first, insisting that the shadow was just coming from outside.  I knew better and ran as fast as I could to grab one of those sticky traps given by our pest control guy, who just happened to have been here YESTERDAY!

Thank goodness this lizard was pretty slow that by the time I got back, it was still there.  With one swift flick of the wrist, I was able to trap it as if I was just taking off some lint with a strip of masking tape.  I don't mean to offend anyone reading this, especially animal rights advocates and reptile lovers. However, it is what it is.  I am freaked out by anything that crawls (babies included, although that's a different kind of freak out).  And I should also admit that I'm also surprised by my own reaction considering I grew up in the Philippines where lizards are part of everyday home life.  You see them on walls and you hear them 'clicking' away and just pray they stay away from you.  Getting used to them doesn't mean liking them though.  (You can get used to an annoying co-worker but by no means will you turn buddies and start hanging out!)  I guess we just resign ourselves to certain realities and learn to move on.  

But I'm not quite resigned yet to the idea that blue-tailed lizards, other reptiles, pests and insects can just decide to enter my home and scare the heck out of me whenever they feel like it.  Again, it is what it is and I am who I am.  I am an extremely territorial human being (you have no idea) and I am prepared to wear sticky tape 24/7 if need be!


  1. Whose swing set / play set is that? Did you guys buy one for Noah? Very nice!

  2. Ah, lizards...we have a lot in St Tropez. I have come to like them because they eat flies & mosquitoes. But it was a long process...


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