Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When Vacations Cost ME Too Much

We recently just got back from a two-week vacation to the Southwest and West Coast.  I am happy to report that I was a bit less paranoid this time about having people cough and sneeze around us, or germs in general on the plane and every single crowded place we went to.  I kept my sanity the whole time and focused on the fun and family bonding time ahead.  It was definitely great to be able to reconnect with family and friends, especially since it was the first time that Noah and my West Coast relatives were meeting each other.  Prior to this trip, I had worked so hard to go on a diet to lose a few pounds.  Unfortunately, after a grueling five weeks and losing only four pounds, I gained two pounds back.  Still, I say it was all worth it!...worth every fried and salty Filipino (or Asian) dish we stuffed ourselves with, much like any deprived 'Pinoy' living in the American South would do, given that diversity isn't exactly the 'it' trend over here.  Seeing Manila-based restaurants on US soil made me extremely nostalgic, which all the more made it oh so irresistible for us! 

But as all vacations go, the laid back times do end, and 'real life' beckons.  It's always great to be back home, right? In spite of great hotel rooms, endless buffets, and interesting sights, I still miss my bed, the familiar smell of home, my recorded t.v. shows, and most of all, my beloved laptop and fast wifi connection.  Sadly, my shows and highly active online life would have to wait some more because after almost one week now of being back home, there is still this...

I still haven't finished unpacking and I'm trying hard to convince myself that maybe this is a magical suitcase that will bring itself upstairs and put away the clothes that are still in it.  Actually, this suitcase in the photo is the least of my problems.  What puzzles me most is that I don't seem to be running out of dirty clothes to launder.  I'm beginning to feel like the Biblical multiplication of loaves and fish has happened here, only now it feels like a curse instead of a blessing!

Naturally, when the clothes washing is non-stop, so is the folding once they're dry.  And did I mention that I hate, HATE, folding laundry??!!!  I hate it so much that I now have 3 piles waiting for me to have a change of heart.  

Any Folding Elves out there?....anyone????

And did I mention that a price I have to pay for wearing dressier outfits during our vacation is that I also now have a ton of clothes (mine and the husband's) to iron?  Ah yes!....ironing clothes during summer in the South equals the bane of my existence.  If only ironing guaranteed weight-loss.... *sigh*....

Maybe if I leave them hanging for a month, the wrinkles will just magically disappear?

Some people are huge fans of vacations and travelling.  I'm clearly not one of those.  I like it occasionally but I really don't see myself as getting addicted to it.  I stress before the trip because I have to do most of the packing.  I stress (though less now) during the trip because I'm afraid that one of us might get sick and it would just make the trip terrible altogether.  And then I'm still stressed when we get back home because I'm still the one in charge of unpacking and bringing normalcy back to our household as quickly as possible.  What I really dream of is to travel by myself, worry only about myself, pack and unpack only for me.  But what if I get sick?  And if I travel alone, how will I know where to go and how to get around?  Arrrghhh!  Who am I kidding?!  What I basically need to be able to relax is to get myself a lobotomy and maybe have a personality overhaul!  That might just do the trick!


  1. I'm glad you found a way to ease up on the germ ridden world :-) Love and miss you, Cousin!

  2. Haha - this made me laugh! (especially the magical suitcase bit. lol :-)

  3. We women are unsung heroes. I wonder sometimes what would happen if we were to stop washing/ironing/cleaning/cooking...

  4. Gosh, I can share your sentiments about getting home after a vacation. Seems like you have to pay for having fun when you get back to unpacking, laundry, ironing, folding, picking up, and a backload of catching up to do. Takes the shine out of the vacation and travel and getting away.

  5. Bravo for being able to enjoy it more. I like packing - it's the excitement before the trip. But believe me I know I'm sorta kidding myself because vacations with a kiddo are rarely more than you make them out to be in your head. In the last 7 years I also started unpacking the second my suitcase hits my bedroom. It definitely helps with the unpacking drag.

  6. I'm with you, Joy: occasional travel is my style. It is a pain to pack (I hate it) and to go through the airport security check procedures, but a nice vacation makes it worthwhile. Set yourself a goal. Unpack half the suitcase your first full day home and unpack the other half the next day. Yes, laundry is a pain. I do my folding in front of the TV, which helps district me from the tedium of folding.


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