Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Celebrating Gratitude

File:Thanksgiving 1900.JPGIf you're in the U.S., this week has probably been very busy for you.  With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, most of us are probably shopping, cooking, and /or packing suitcases.  And possibly all that on top of going to school or work.  So given the busy nature of this week, but still feeling the need to pause and take the time to reflect on things we are truly grateful for, I decided to take the lead of my blogger friend Marie of Rock the Kasbah and 'multi-task'.  Just like what she did (and I highly recommend you click on her link above and read her entertaining list!), she wrote things she's thankful for (for Thanksgiving), and combined it with her Christmas wish list.  I thought the 'Thanks/Wish' list was genius!

Anyway, here's my attempt at 'meaningful' multitasking.....

Thanks: We've completely settled into our new home and so far we're loving  the space we have and are grateful that we've had no major issues with it.
Wish: We could completely furnish and decorate each room as if I possessed a magical Sarah Richardson wand.

Thanks:  Our family remains relatively healthy and no one has suffered from any major health problems.
Wish:  I would stop being so crazy paranoid and stressed out with every sniffle, cough and slightly elevated temperature my son gets.  Does anyone have any miracle solution to this insanity????  

Thanks:  I finally found a great hair stylist here in TN, close to my home, knows how to listen to what I want, but talented enough to implement what she thinks would best suit me.
Wish:  I could say the same about finding a family physician and OB/GYN.

Thanks:  Two new babies were born in the Page and Manuel families this year and both babies are healthy and beautiful!  
Wish:  People would stop asking me when I would have my next one and how fabulous it would be if I had a girl!  

Thanks:  Writing still inspires, stimulates and invigorates me.  I am thankful for that and happy that somehow, I still find material to write about no matter how 'boring' my life is.  I guess in a way, I should also be thankful for that.  God knows I can only take so much excitement.
Wish:  That in the next couple of years (assuming the Mayans are wrong), I would find more venues for my writing and be able to explore new territory.  (It's so 'new' to me that I can't even specify on here what exactly I mean by that!)

Finally, I would like to leave all of you with the ultimate wish...That no matter where you are in life, that you'll always find far greater things to be thankful for, than your wishes.

Happy Thanksgiving!