Thursday, October 11, 2012

When Coupons Ruin Your Day

I feel like an entire virus colony decided to invade my body.  Again.  Since last night I'd been feeling as if my head would explode due to congestion among other things and frankly, the only thing that makes me think this is not the flu is because I don't have a temperature.  And don't worry, I've had my flu vaccine for this year.

No amount of phlegm or mucus, however, can keep me away from going online.  And so I did, as soon as I woke up.  I checked my email and what did I find and more importantly, what did it make me say??

"What...the.......*bleep* !!!"

I know Groupon knows I live close to Nashville.  But I wish there was a way of letting them know that just because I live in a red state doesn't mean I adore guns (or that I'm a Republican for that matter).  It's bad enough that when I drive out, I see numerous billboards advertising gun shows like it's the coolest and most worthwhile thing on earth, making me scream out like an insane person, "Oh right!  Like we still don't have enough crazy people in this country open-firing like it's just a hiccup!"  Why should I have to get 'assaulted' this way via email?  (Yes I know it isn't personal.  But I'm sick and cranky and I have a very low threshold for stupidity during these times).

So to Groupon, no thanks.  I am not a fan of guns and if you must know, I'm a Democrat who firmly believes in stricter gun control mechanisms.  How about you send me coupons for free lifetime housekeeping services next time?