Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What's your Sexy?

The movie Magic Mike is out, and people, or should I say women, a lot of women, are either raving about it or want desperately to see it.  I might get crucified for saying this but I’m probably one of the few who’s just not interested.  Seriously.  Not one bit.

It’s not that I don’t think the actors starring in it are not attractive.  Sure they have the face and the body that could easily make most women swoon, make your hormones rage (no matter how unbalanced or dormant they’ve been), and maybe produce a devilish smile here and there.  But it’s just not my thing.  I’m sure those of you who really know me aren’t surprised by that at all.  And though my husband would hate what I’m about to say, it definitely won’t be a surprise...

I’m not turned on by youngish guys. 

Nor have I ever been into hunks. 

My kind of thing on the big screen is a character that shows a lot of depth, and yes, of course, one that tickles my cerebral side.  Some of the following may not be entirely gorgeous by common, objective standards.  But to me, their ‘substance’ is sexy.  Think Anthony Hopkins, Gabriel Byrne, Gary Oldman, Ralph Fiennes (most of all), AnthonyBourdain, and perhaps the youngest here, Eric Bana.   

To me sexy is mental.  Though I won’t deny that looks definitely count, the ultimate turn on for me is an amazing mind.  And I’m not talking about plain book smarts, although of course that counts.  What absorbs me is depth.  Real substance is an aphrodisiac like no other.  I’m drawn to Insightful.  Funny. Witty.   Philosophical.  Confident with a hint of shyness.  Poetic.  Articulate.  Mysterious without trying.  These are mostly the things that fascinate me, things that I will never find boring.  And I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty damn hard to feel sexy when you’re bored.  ‘Sexy’ and ‘un-stimulated’ don’t really go together, do they?

So as most of you will probably be in the movie theaters enjoying Magic Mike this weekend, I’d probably be happy on my couch watching my recordings of Through the Wormhole.  The cosmos, physics, questions about existence….is there really anything sexier and more inspiring than that???!!!??

What about you?....What tickles your fancy?

P.S.  I posted this on my Facebook page last week and I know it wasn't just me who found this sexy and drooled a bit...