Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I never know how, always trapped in these puzzles
The certainty of wanting to is all I have
My resolve to turn away, it all but crumbles
Indeed all this is difficult, this verb called love

All too often we find ourselves enthralled
Intent on caressing the truth beyond recognition
Eyes too exhausted, souls beyond appalled
But this is what we do best, thinking thoughts of love

I’ve sensed, heard, smelled and tasted
The gift of hoping for this dream to be wholly true
Found my spirit completely freed, intoxicated
Inspiring each other’s imagination as we often do

But really what of yours is truly mine
And what of mine weighs upon your universe
Gripped by emotions flowing like a vine[1]
I drown in doubt surrendering to this curse

How much of our lives are truly intertwined
How much reality can we truly claim
At times confusion and isolation are what I find
A certain truth that cuts with unspeakable pain

And just then the soul sees its resurrection
Salvaged yet again by words that ring true
Realizing that this love and unfathomable connection
Though not for all, find their perfection solely in me and you.


[1] Special thanks to my friend KatNem for supplying this line.