Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Father's Day Gift

To see your smile and wide bright eyes
Hear your giggles and demanding cries
What I wouldn’t give to see your face
Always and today, this Father’s Day.

Faint shadows of you running around
Playing cheerfully, filling the house with sounds
What I wouldn’t give to hear your calls
Always and today, this Father’s Day.

My world has turned a paler shade
With your absence, my joy chose to fade
To have you back and hold you tight
A priceless gift to me this Father’s Day.

You might not just yet fully understand
Why I’m not there with you holding your hand
But know that I think of you and wish you’d stayed
Give meaning to me and my Father’s Day.

To loving fathers all over the world, who, for whatever reason, are unable to fully celebrate this day, this poem is for you.  May the love you feel for your children be enough to affirm that you are and will always be a Father worthy to be honored and celebrated on this day and always...