Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekend Haiku: It's Viral

This week's haiku will be a bit different, only because I'm offering a bit of write up with it.  You see, since the middle of the week, the little one has been sick...bad cough and high fever.  I have been completely losing my mind over it, which is what normally happens with any type of illness my son exhibits.  So finally, yesterday, we brought him to the doctor's office and as I had feared, the doctor uttered the three words I always dread and honestly hate to hear....

Followed by the next words that totally catapult me to the throes of further insanity.....

Rationally, I understand that it could be better this way; that it could just be a bad cold and that all his symptoms could disappear by the fifth day.  But in a crazy way, I was secretly hoping that his doctor would just see something that would merit a prescription for antibiotics.  

Yes, yes, I know....Antibiotics are responsible for highly resistant bugs we have now, but lets also be honest....secretly honest, if you prefer.  Generally speaking, one sees much improvement after taking them.  And as a parent, I'm sure you would understand that when you watch your child suffer, really all you get focused on is taking that suffering away as soon as possible.  So, pardon my narrow- and one-track mindedness for the moment.  I just want my healthy son back as soon as possible.

In the meantime, let me just try to write my worries away and offer you this haiku....    

It's Viral

Feeling worn and glum
I await your departure
Ending invasion.