Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Deconstructing Vhallentine’s Day

Now I understand completely.  After years of questioning, I finally get it…

Valentine’s Day and Halloween are the same!

As you may remember from a 2010 post, I admitted that I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day (VDay).  So really my likening this day to Halloween should not be a surprise at all.  If you don’t have a sense of humor and think of Valentine’s Day as sacred, then this post is not for you.

For the rest of you who have nothing better to do, here are the facts…

1   Both holidays celebrate insanity.  Face it.  Researchers have found that the brain activity involved in falling in love is similar to the brain activity when there is addiction or euphoria.  Ergo, romance / falling in love is a form of insanity.  This all makes sense.  How else can you explain people spending an average of $170 on Valentine’s Day?  That’s just plain ridiculous, don’t you agree?  But it’s true that some people do crazy things on both VDay and Halloween and they’re perfectly acceptable, even encouraged, on both occasions.  Halloween allows individuals to let their hair down and pretend to be someone else via elaborate costumes, while VDay encourages going over the top in wooing someone, whether it’s done through a super creative and completely unexpected marriage proposal, (which incidentally, also sometimes involves putting on elaborate costumes), or simply through a unique and partially embarrassing date and profession of love.  (And here’s a tip.  The more embarrassment you put yourself through, the higher score you get on the love meter.)

2  Both VDay and Halloween offer a justification to indulge one’s sweet tooth (or is it addiction really?).  The only real difference is that one holiday prefers orange and black wrapping, while the other fancies red.  When a woman drops hints that she wants a box of chocolates on Vday, is that not a form of Trick or Treating?  I think I’m onto something here…..Hmmm…… 

3  As I had spoken about in #1, both holidays are days for costumes.  People dress up and often times dress up in a way they normally wouldn’t.  I mean this both literally and figuratively; that on both holidays, some people find themselves as somebody else, acting in ways they normally don’t.  Lovers are encouraged (or forced) to put on their ‘romantic hats’.  Literally speaking, people also find themselves dressed up more nicely to go out on fancy dates on Vday.  Some women also succumb to their inner angels…that is, Victoria’s Secret angels, wearing lingerie their rational minds normally perceive as utterly nonsensical and ridiculously uncomfortable.

Certainly, one other similarity is how much Hallmark and other businesses profit from both holidays but that’s true for other holidays as well, so there’s really no point in highlighting that.  Now it’s confession part.  What is the most out-of-this world, or at least out-of-character thing you’ve ever done OR was done to you in the name of Valentine’s Day?  I’m not being elusive here when I say I don’t have anything to disclose at this time.  If you know me, you would completely understand.  I simply did not have a love life colorful enough to create bizarre Vday anecdotes.  What about you?  Do you have any remarkable Vday stories to share?