Tuesday, December 27, 2011


In the spirit of welcoming the New Year, here’s a post that looks back on the past year here on Catharsis.  In the blogging group I belong to (PBAU), another challenge was put forth where we write a post featuring our top 5 to 10 favorite posts from 2011.  It could be something we loved, something that had the most views, comments or whatever criteria we want.

It wasn't easy choosing 10 out of 92 entries so what I did was to think of those that made the most impact on me, whether it was because I was writing about something that felt very sacred and intimate, or something that I felt exercised more of my creative spirit.  So here are my choices and I hope that you have enjoyed Catharsis this past year as I did my best to publish more and slowly write more from the heart!  I still can't believe I have 93 entries (including this one) for this year, the most for me so far!  Thank you to all you readers and fellow writers who continue to inspire me!    

Soulful Hands…Surprisingly this had the most views this past year which was completely unexpected…I still don’t know why but many thanks for appreciating this post!

Life Is A Cliché…This is the one probably most enjoyed by many of you and though the words were not originally mine, I did have a lot of fun putting this together!

Running Thoughts…This was my first time experimenting with combining form and content, which I thought was quite poetic to some extent.  I was pushing my creativity a bit with this one and I think I was successful.

In The Company Of Waves…This talks about my journey to healing after my miscarriage and I know that a lot of you were touched by this. 

The Beloved’s Voice…I have not written a long poem like this in a while so I was quite happy with how this turned out.  I hope I did justice to Beethoven’s romanticism.

What I Know About Love…It’s difficult not to have this as one of my favorites from 2011 because it shows a more mature idea of ‘love’.  Reading this reminds me of the growth I’ve experienced through the years, and that whatever pain I’ve gone through is more precious now because it has somehow translated to greater wisdom.

Saved & Emily’s Gifts…I apologize for citing two here, making my total 11 instead of just 10 posts.  I love these two essays mainly because they remind me of how God/Life/the Universe won’t give up on my healing and faith. 

The Ecstasy of the Moth…How can I not have this as a favorite when it speaks so much of who I am and how I want to love and be loved?  This essay reflects so much of my passion.

Tongue-Tied With Trivialities…This is a favorite because it has concretely helped me in my daily life.  Thinking of what I wrote here helps me become more at ease with strangers and have more confidence speaking my mind.

Star Struck…I think this was a very well written piece in terms of words, flow and rhythm.  It even surprised me when I read it again!  I also love it because it reflects my lasting love affair with astronomy.

May you all have a prosperous New Year and one filled with much hope!