Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pep Song

It's my birthday today and I'm 38 if you must know!  But I'm not here to write about the birthday angstsy least not yet....**bwahahahah** .  For now let's talk about the Pacquiao-Marquez boxing fight last Saturday evening.  

No, I'm not going to analyze the fight as I am not really a boxing (or sports) fan and don't want to bore you either.  I do acknowledge however that it was a close fight and though the decision is controversial (to some), let me just remind you that I am Filipino and therefore am with the Pacquiao camp.  So as far as I'm concerned, the fight is done and the judges have spoken and I am pleased with the decision.

What I'm here to write about is my fascination with the fact that before the fighters stepped out and walked towards the ring, they each had a pep song.  Pacquiao's song was Eye of the Tiger, which I thought lacked creativity given that it was the theme song in the movie Rocky III.  But I guess whatever works, right?  

This got me thinking though about what I would choose as my own pep song.  I guess in Ally McBeal's world, this would be her theme song for which she chose "Tell Him".  What would be mine?  What would make me bob my head and strut my stuff?  Which song would I choose if I wanted to feel inspired and totally ready for the world?  What song would make me feel feisty, strong and even invincible, even if only for 3 minutes?  

After giving this much thought, as well as much browsing through countless YouTube videos to refresh my memory, I've finally decided that it's really just my old go-to song...the ever reliable "The Remedy" by Jason Mraz.  This is simply a song that makes me feel ready for 'the fight', the struggles of the day...

When I went with my son to go trick or treating this past Halloween,  there was a man who was walking around the subdivision, pulling a red wagon with him that carried a boombox playing Michael Jackson's "Thriller".  We all thought it was brilliant and so thoughtful of him to try to put everyone in such a festive Halloween mood like that!  Now if only we can all walk around with our red wagons like that, playing our own pep songs!  Wouldn't that be so cool (though noisy, I would imagine!) and fun!

What would be your own pep song?  Which song puts you in a positive and "watch-out-world-I'm-so-ready-for-you" mood?