Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lunar Awakenings

What do you see when you look at the moon?

Do you see humanity's triumphs, the brilliance, the discoveries, inventions and the courageous souls who dared to pursue the seemingly impossible?

Do you see the vastness of the universe and imagine what other wonders lie beyond what we are already aware of?

Does it make you hear the call of a distant dream, long suppressed but begging to be awakened?

Does it bring you to worlds not chosen when roads forked and where buried possibilities are now resurrected, reimagined?

Or do you see shadows of a love long gone, almost forgotten, yet has left you with scars that continue to torment?

Howl at me...Behold me...Caress me with your desires...Let my misty gaze transport you, cradle you amidst your most treasured awakenings...


  1. When I look at the moon I usually see the futility of an unexplained existence. Terribly morbid. Other times I feel a powerful sense of the unseen, maybe God. It makes me feel like all the pettiness and horror that we hear about and engage in on a daily basis is meaningless - that there is something mysterious and important about the human condition we are meant to figure out and that this importance is always there, even when we can't see it. We can go about or human business, doing horrendous things, doing great things, but the stoic moon will always remain, indifferent to our struggle. Creation continues on, unaffected by our foibles on one level, but absolutely affected on another. Human carelessness and greed literally impacts planet Earth and I imagine this ultimately also impacts the moon. Everything has a purpose and every invasion, no matter how small, a consequence. 

    Anyway, another thought-provoking post and the reason I have given you: Lala musings: Lala - The Versatile Blogger over at the Lala Musings.

    Rachel :-)

  2. I think of all of those things except the last one - it depends on my mood and what my mood chooses to project onto the moon. I also think about the time I listened (with a small group) to Alan Shepard pointing and telling us just where he landed when he went there.

  3. Your post brings to mind all those feelings and hidden longings and wonderment that we feel when we gaze at the moon. Also, like Thom, I remember that never-to-be-forgotten day when man achieved the seemingly impossible task of landing a man on the moon. Those of us who are old and fortunate enough to remember it can also remember the shivers that ran down our spines at the thought of what we had achieved. And that was in the days before modern technology.


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