Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How Your Blog Became My Favorite

I read different sorts of blogs and I acknowledge that your niche is your choice and you should just do what you enjoy most.  This is really just an expression of my personal preferences and not meant to attack blogs that don’t fall within my preferred categories.  As my title suggests, these are qualities of my ‘favorites’ and not meant to suggest that these are the only types I read or visit.    

So, what do my favorite blog sites / bloggers have in common?  Let me count the ways…

1.     The layout is easy and straightforward.  There's nothing I hate more than going to a site and getting so confused as to where your posts are, the chronology (so I know that what I'm reading is not older than me), and where to comment.  I love how the fonts are the right size and type, easy to read and the page is not too busy to the point of distracting me from paying attention to what you REALLY have to say.

2.     You are actually saying something I find interesting.  It may not be anything new or anything I don’t already know but you say it in a very relatable, non-pretentious way but still come off as intelligent.  I love reading you because I can understand you.  I love reading you because you are insightful and genuine.  You’re not just selling me something or perpetually endorsing products and services.

3.     I keep coming back for more because you’re not too preachy.  A little moralizing and talk of the Divine here and there, in ‘acceptable’ doses,  is perfectly fine with me.  But if with every single essay you write you either make it feel like a public confession or some attempt to evangelize me, then you probably won’t see me visit you too often.  Like I said, I can only take you in small doses. 

4.     You make me think and challenge my brain.  There’s nothing I savor and value more than feel the wheels turn in my head…but not too much….just the right amount of engagement.  This, after all, should be a relaxing activity and not a stressful one.  You challenge me enough, entertain me enough, spark my creativity enough.  You’re amazingly insightful and even philosophical.  You make me want to be a better writer! *clap clap* 

5.  That being said, your greatness inspires me rather than make me feel insecure, inadequate or useless.  I feel ‘at home’ in your site.  You’re not the kind who always just tells me what to do or what I’m doing wrong.  And remember that insensitive and condescending comment you left on my site, like you know everything and I’m so beneath you?...Yeah, you’re pretty much marked for life so…Sorry but you probably won’t be seeing me much (if at all) at your site.

6.    You seem like a genuinely nice person and you feel ‘real’ to me.  Add to that the fact that when you visit my site, you take the time to comment and are thoughtful as well.  Somehow, something tells me we have things in common which is why reading you makes me feel like we’re having a really engaging conversation over coffee (or tea…with some amazing cookies on the side, perhaps??).

7.    There are certain things about your stories that remind me of home.  You may not necessarily be from the Philippines but somehow I see parallelisms between our lives.  In this sense, your words actually comfort me and feel like a warm hug from someone loved and familiar.

8.     I do love intelligent content, as I said above.  But there are days when I just want to relax and have some eye candy and your site happens to provide exactly that!  Wonderful photos of beautiful homes / interior designs and food never fail to make me smile! 

So there you have it, my list of why I happen to think you’re awesome as a blogger!  It’s your turn now.  Would you mind sharing your top 3 qualifications?  Or maybe you can blog about it too!  I promise to check it out!

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  1. What a great post.  I have to go back and analyze my blog and see if I can make some changes because I agree with all your points on what is appealing in a blog!
    Thank you so much for your visit and for your kind comment on my little mudroom.  I really appreciate it and am happy to meet you!

  2. You had me cracking up!! I love this post and agree with your ideas. I only post once a week because I want to make sure I put out something that makes people want to stay and read my essays. Since my posts are essays and take a few minutes to read I want them to be easy on the eye too! I like well written and funny posts too, but like you, do enjoy some eye candy! Thanks for the great laugh!!

  3. Thanks for the 'tips.' I like them. And agree.

  4. I agree with your tips. I also don't like slang/rude words, self pity and judgmental posts. Just my opinion!

  5. What a great first dose of your blog! I stumbled across this on the VB network; and I just had to check you out! I LOVE it! You are so witty and engaging and fun to read! You completely read my mind as to what I like from my favorite blogs and what keeps me coming back to them. I think you probably belong on that list; so I'm having your emails sent to me so I don't miss a single dose!
    Your newly found friend from,

  6. Nice list, Joy. I find that your blog has these qualities! xox

  7. You need to publish this for all bloggers - bravo!  You've not only captured what makes blogging great but also what makes your site great too.  Your a great thinker - thanks for sharing your talent! 

  8. Excellent points Joy, and I agree with them.  And just may use this suggestion for a blog.  :D  (By the way, I happen to love your blog, I always come away feeling like I have gained as a person.) 

  9. Unique, interesting blog. Would make an excellent guest post because it's so full of good advice without sounding overbearing or preachy as many others do. I fear that I fall short on nos. 1 and 8 and when I intend to remedy this when I get back to blogging after this hiatus.


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