Friday, October 7, 2011

Fortune Friday 10.7.11: Ride Your Heart Out

       “Love is a roller coaster.  It has its ups and downs.”

Yes, ups and downs, twists and turns and so many other similarities on so many different levels.  Scary as hell but the thought is too seductive to resist.

Batwing roller coaster from Six Flags America in MarylandIn the beginning of the ride, it’s all about the excitement.  The tightening and the butterflies in your stomach, the unspeakable anticipation driving you forward, overriding all rationality in your brain.  The promise of the thrill entices you and you convince yourself it’s all going to be worth the insanity and danger.

After the thrill, comes the uneasiness and you begin to doubt if this was the right thing to do.  Is this all really worth it?  Slowly, the excitement turns to trepidation and those butterflies in your stomach now make you want to throw up.  But you can’t get off now.  You can’t quit.  You must see how and where this will go and how it’ll all turn out.  Deep down you know you want to test your own limits.

In the end, as you live to tell the story, no matter how it went and how your experience was, ultimately, anyone who has tried it walks away with pride for riding through all of it. And whether you've had enough or you’ll say you want to go for another ride, the thing about love and roller coasters is that you just have to try it, at least once in a lifetime.  You just absolutely have to.  

Oh and one other important thing...Let's remember that both falling in love and the roller coaster are rides that only brave people take.    

Are you a roller coaster fan?  What other similarities can you add to the list?


  1. Falling in love, roller coasters, reaching goals, raising children...really anything that has ups and downs =) Great post.

  2. How true.
    Life and love are similar; unpredictable, unforgiving, amazing, wonderful etc etc.  If we can live a life; we can find someone to hold onto living that life with us.  All depends on our committment to each other.

  3. Wonderful analogy. I did not go on a roller coaster until I as 30 years old (and it was a small one), and only went on them a few times afterwards. They were wild rides -- just like falling and being in love has been.


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