Monday, August 15, 2011

My 7ven Links...And Then Some...

I was just beginning to panic over not having anything to write about and publish this week  when Lalia, author and goddess over at Skank, Rattle and Roll nominated me for the #My7Links project.  Once nominated, you're supposed to choose your blog entries / essays that you feel best fit the seven categories given.  It was not as easy as I had expected as it's challenging to not only remember everything I've written but more importantly, think of how each one made me feel.  I had to scroll through the archive and do a lot of reminiscing.  

Here are my choices...

Most Beautiful Post  
Beautifully written?  Beautiful message?  Beautifully received by readers?  Defining the category for myself was tough so in the end, I just had to go with an 'instinctive' answer and a gut reaction to the term 'beautiful'.  I choose In the Company of Waves mainly because I feel it was a beautiful attempt at expressing my grief over losing my daughter through a miscarriage.  I also think it was a beautiful imagination of how it would've been like if I had given birth to her.  At the time I wrote it, I also felt the words and the insights just smoothly flowing out of me and it gave me (and continues to give me) a beautiful sense of calm despite the painful reality.

Most Popular Post of All Time
According to Blogger, Please Hear Me With Love has the most views of all time (although the number of comments don't reflect the stats at all).  I think a lot of people were able to relate to this post on grief and the do's and don'ts when trying to console someone were probably very useful for a lot of readers.  

Most Controversial Post
I don't normally write about controversial material but the one about Jose Antonio Vargas (Purgatory Never Promised Salvation) would probably be the most controversial I've ever dealt with.  Immigration is a very sensitive topic and though I understood the complexities of the issue, the stance I took on this essay was an unpopular one.  But hey...this is right?  My blog, my universe!   

Most Helpful Post
My site was not named Catharsis for nothing, so I'm going to have to say that the most helpful, most cathartic post for me so far has been my blog entry describing the moment I found out I had miscarried (Yet Another Day My World Stood Still).  Judging from the number of comments on that entry, I will assume that so many others found it relatable.  And not only was it helpful to others but also to me as I felt the support of friends at such a difficult time.  It was then I realized that I was in great company; that so many strong women AND men have gone through the loss of a child and were willing to walk and grieve with me, and bless me with strength.  I will always be grateful to those brave and wise souls.

The Post Whose Success Surprises Me
I suppose this is the child that you weren't expecting much from but ended up wowing you.  Hands down, my choice is Life Is A Cliché.  I admit the idea behind it was a pretty creative one although I did not expect much from it given that the words used were not my own at all.  But I guess everyone found it extremely clever and over all, it was a fun entry for both me and my readers!

A Post I Feel Didn't Get The Attention It Deserves
A Dose of Reality has always been a personal favorite so I was a disappointed that it did not get as many comments as I had expected.  I was quite candid when I wrote it and felt I was writing what a lot of people probably secretly wonder about but never felt brave enough to express.  To say that on some level, people who 'settle down' are in fact 'settling' is quite unsettling.  But am I really so wrong in saying so?  Think about it and be honest....

The Post I'm Most Proud Of
The bloggers' group I belong to (PBAU) posed this as a challenge just a few weeks ago and what I posted as the one I'm most proud of is Something's Gotta Give.  This is an essay discussing my thoughts on how Facebook has transformed the way we relate to one another and more importantly how it affects one's sense of happiness or contentment.  I feel proud of this post because I wrote this even before scientific studies came out discussing the same observations / results.  Other than this blog entry though, I would have to say that I'm also very proud of The Gift of Nothing because it was published by  I've received a number of messages from other parents who felt the points I raised were very timely and important for socializing children in these modern times.

Now, the fun part of this project is that I have to pass this on to four other bloggers.  So I hereby nominate the following and hope they choose to accept:

Charlie Nitric (I'm sure it will be humorous and romantic at the same time!)

TV from TV's Take (I want to see her favorite questions.)

Mary from The Adventures of Cilgin Kiz (How does one choose a favorite when all your trips and adventures are remarkable?)

Maureen from Esdeer (All her posts are helpful and healing so it would be interesting to see her favorites.)



  1. Oh THIS is a good meme!  I hope I get it one day.

  2. Great job Joy! And I love that you called me goddess!

  3. Wow, first of all Congrats on your nomination/challenge.  The posts you selected are truly excellent. I've now read them all and find them all so sincerely honest.  How fun would it be to meet over coffee.  Second thank you for giving me a nod and the challenge.  I'm in but it may take a week or so (my inlaws are coming to town).  Thanks again and congrats on having a meaningful blog; truly meaningful.

  4. Congratulations. Now off to read some of these oldies but goodies =)

  5. It is nice to discover old and new posts of your blog. Thanks, Joy!

  6. These are all wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. In the Company of Waves is a poignant narrative of love, hope, loss, grief, and is powerfully articulated.
    “I now know that it is not a stage, but a pavement that is laid upon the road you trek each day. It’s not some place you visit, like ‘Griefsville’, and then leave behind, because in truth it never really leaves you.”  
    You need to touch base with my writer friend Bill Huffhine, who lost three of his children.  He has dedicated his last book to these.   If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll give you his contact info.    
    Now I see why you give this piece the title, Most Beautiful Post.      

  8. Just read your about me section! I too am a sociology major and moved to the states from a foreign world as well, although at a much younger age. Your blog is very inspiring and I plan on checking it out all the time! Glad to have found you on voiceboks!

  9. "In the Company of Waves" was truly a beautiful post, Joy. I so agree! And isn't it funny that "popular posts" in terms of page views aren't always in line with comments? That's why Google Analytics is so amazing because you can look at traffic from all angles! Heading over to check out A Dose of Reality right now! =) Loved learning more about your blog through this post. =)

  10. These posts prove that you are a really outstanding writer with a variety of interesting subjects. You write with power, depth, and great feeling about loss and acceptance. Your posts also show courage, humanity, and understanding of the subject, even in your more controversial ones. They always demand and catch my attention. I think you should look at a writing career - that is, if you haven't already started it.  

  11. Thanks again for this Pennie.  This is one of the nicest, most thoughtful comments ever written for me.  :-))

  12. Thanks Sam and I hope you enjoy it too!

  13. Hi Debra!  Thank you for your wonderful comment above.  I'm touched...seriously.  I cannot imagine the pain and grief your friend must have gone through (or is going through) losing 3 children.  I will check him out / his book for sure! Thank you again so much!

  14. Oooohhhh, TV, don't I chat with you and your 'questions' over coffee?!  Thank you again and I'm looking forward to reading your 7 links :-)))

  15. You are a goddess, Lalia!

  16. This is like catching up really quick within the group! Yayy! Life is a Cliche was a beautiful read... really, why were you surprised?!


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