Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The ABC's of Me

Over at voiceBoks (an online community of and for Mothers), I was invited to a blog challenge called 'The ABCs of Me'.  You're supposed to supply details about yourself and get creative about the categories from A-Z.  Here's my list and I have to say, it was harder to complete this than I initially thought....

A...Apple of my eye:  my son Noah

B...Brother:  I only have one, Norman, and he lives in the Philippines.  I have not seen him in 3 years so yes, I do miss my 'Bro'.

C...Christmas song I never tire of playing / listening to over and over…and over again : 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'.  What can I say?  It’s my obsession with melancholy.

D...Degrees obtained:  Bachelors and Masters in Sociology

E...Egg is one thing I can't do without for breakfast and poached is my favorite.

F...Filipino:  my nationality and this continues to be my primary sense of identity.

G...Green is a color I always hated when I was younger.  However, as I grew older, particularly in the last 10 years, Sage Green has become my favorite.  I think it's calming.

H...Happy thought:  knowing that everyone in my family (all over the world) is safe and healthy

I...Ice Cream flavor favorite:  It would have to be a toss up between Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookies and Cream.  Please don't ask me to choose lest I manifest my utter incapacity for decision-making.

J...Job I could never do: Sales...I am incapable of selling anything and the stress would drive me insane.

K...Karaoke song I THINK I can totally pull off:  Jann Arden's Insensitive.  I actually haven't tried it so you can't count on this 100%.

L...Line from a movie I quote a lot:  "Resistance is futile" (from Star Trek: First Contact)

M...Machine I could not do without:  laptop / computer

N...Nightmare that I get way too often:  being in school again and there's an exam or some sort of group presentation for which I'm the team leader and I'm not at all prepared.  It's always either I was not aware there was a test so I did not review or I procrastinated and totally ran out of time.  I ABSOLUTELY hate these dreams but they sure say a lot about my unconscious!

O...Outdoors or Indoors----Indoors!!

P...Pets:  Never ever had any...ever.  I'm not planning on it either.  I have a very low threshold for untrained (or those needing training) creatures, let alone non-humans.

Q...Question I want to ask the Divine (assuming there is one) : Is it destiny or free will? (Imagine finally knowing the answer and then looking back at your life thinking of all the time wasted over-thinking everything!! Jeez!)

R...Restaurant (in the U.S.) whose popularity still puzzles me to this day: Olive Garden

S...Sappy Song I’m embarrassed to admit I’ll probably always love: Barry Manilow’s Somewhere Down The Road (Was that too obscene for you?  Admit it...there's a Manilow fan in all of us!)

T...Time of day when I'm emotionally volatile:  Mid-afternoons, around 3pm...This is when my lack of sleep hits me but then I can't really take a nap.  Couple this with a surge in my carb-cravings, as well as Noah feeling tired and restless, and you're sure to have the perfect formula for chaos and temper tantrums, both Noah's and mine!!

U...Ugly truth about me:  I don't believe in myself enough.

V...Vehicle I first drove:  My Dad's 1979 Mitsubishi Lancer

W...Weight:  my problem and definitely my business, not yours  

X...eXtra-terrestrial:  Believer or Not?...Definitely a believer or would like to believe

Y...Year that gave me self-growth and discovery like no other: 2001 (obtained my Master's degree, first fell in love, got heart-broken, found my journey to healing and deeper wisdom)

Z...Zen moment:  In bed with the sound of rain (not storm though).

Care to share your own ABCs?  I'm sure you can manage to share just 3!


  1. I am so glad there are no nominating people o do this... how would I manage if this came across... :(

    I am so glad you managed this with all that moving going on and 65 boxes and counting! Amazing :)
    Loved reading the ABC's of you! I enjoyed W and I would just nod and say the same thing about me too! F would be FOOD for me, I am just such a food lover that it gets crazy at times! My sister has a masters in Sociology too! 

    Loved it! Lets' see if anyone does a similar post... or should we put up a challenge in the club... evil laugh! 

  2. I am almost done with my list.  I agree it was harder to complete than I thought it would be.  I must say I totally agree with you about Olive Garden. I do not understand why so many people like that place. 

  3. I could kiss you for that "R" comment! I don't get it either, never could. Really fun post. I'm with Hajra in that I'm glad there were nominations with this one!

  4. I love getting to know you better!  Okay let's see, 3 of mine:

    S...Spaghetti.  I could eat this like every day.  I spent a whole summer when I was a tween perfecting a bolognese sauce.

    O...Orthodontics.  I definitely needed braces - too much teeth for too small a mouth.  I had 5 pulled beforehand.

    P...Philippines.  I kind of have an Asian-on-Asian fetish for your people if you haven't noticed :P

  5. Now we know a little more you. Thanks for filling in some of the gaps.

  6. I loved this post!! I have been having so much fun reading them! I may have to do one myself!! For my three here goes:
                     A  always like to read your posts!
                     B  belive you are a wonderful blogger!
                     C candt elive you also like  a Barry Minilow song (please don tell anyone!!

  7. Good luck with the move! It is nice to know more about you and you are a fantastic blogger!

  8. WOW, what a cool list.  Hope you tackle the letter 'U' soon!

  9. I loved this list Joy. Nice to learn more about you.

  10. This is a great idea for a post - especially on one of those rainy days when your creativity is running dry. And thanks for sharing more about yourself with us.

  11. Wonderful idea. Fantastic list.

    On your H, I wish I could say the same for my family.

    On your I, I also have a tough time making deicions, and that is for really important things.

    On your J, I would be the same way.

    On your N, I used to have similar nightmares MANY years ago: I would dream I was not studying in college, was way behind in doing the textbook lessons for all my courses, and was obviously going to fail my final exams. Those dreams came AFTER I had earned my B.S. in Accounting. The dream recurred for a number of years, as I recall.

    On your U, please DO believe in yourself.

  12. Mike B: Yes, on the "U", there is still much to be done. Glad you enjoyed the list :-)


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