Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Beloved's Voice


Ludwig van Beethoven wrote some of the most romantic letters to his mysterious Immortal Beloved.  This poem was inspired by that love, that tormented passion, as reflected in those magnificent letters.  This is my imagination of his beloved's response...


The Beloved’s Voice

Dreams filled with echoes
Brimming with faint imprints of you
Worlds I’ve never seen nor tasted
Yet feel so familiarly true.
I patiently wait for your words
Though I know your world so demands
Your soul, your gifts, your essence
And as a spectre in silence I stand.

Why must our worlds be
So far, so vastly apart
Cloak our longings, deny our cries
Nothing to do but numb the heart.
You are never here with me
Nor I to bless your journey
Ours has become a life of waiting
Denying what is rooted ever so deeply.

My existence only fully makes sense
When illuminated by your understanding
My bearings lost as darkness wraps me
Nothing to grasp, your warmth ever fading.

You are my beloved
As I am forever yours,
Neither space nor time can transform my heart
Or take this desire by force.
The music of your love plays on
In the caverns of my soul and in my mind
If you say we live for each other
Then so be it, to all this pain I am blind.


  1. This is very moving, but difficult to write, I imagine.

  2. Feeling in a romantic mood Joy? Very beautifully written.

  3. Very nice, Joy. A little melancholic, are we? Missing your aswa maybe?

  4. What a beautiful poem Joy, I had no idea Beethoven wrote letters to an immortal beloved. What a fantastic response. Poetry evokes so much of all our senses, our passions, our heart and our imagination.

  5. I agree completely Maureen! And yes, Beethoven was a genius indeed, not just with music but with words as well! His love letters move me so much!

  6. from Thom Brown (not sure why Disqus did not publish this one...sorry Thom)---

    "This is very moving, but difficult to write, I imagine."

  7. Absolutely LOVED this Joy!   Beautiful.  

  8. Glad you enjoyed it Lalia! :-)

  9. Joy this is just beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. Sending you many good wishes on you shoulder!!! You definelty are in need of super powers!! Thanks again!

  10. Thanks so much Kathy!  You are so sweet!  *hugs*

  11. Sam, coming from you...well...WOW!.....THANK YOU! I feel so honored!

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  13. Hi Joy -

    I think you should write more poetry because this one is fabulous. :)

  14. Touched.  Thanks for that comment Brian!  Glad you liked it! :-)

  15. This poem has such great feeling that I felt like weeping. Or maybe that is because I related to the almost unbearable longing and heartache in it. 

  16. I'm touched that you were touched, Penelope.  The sense of longing here is indeed intense.

  17. A heartfelt, wonderful expression.
    I enjoyed reading your poem.

  18. Thank you, MikeB. I loved writing this poem too.


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