Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Problems with GFC??

Google FC logo.pngIs it just me, my browser, or is anyone else out there noticing that your GFC (Google Friend Connect) / Followers section is not showing up on your site?

To my blogger peeps, I apologize but for this reason, I am thinking of not hosting Week 4 of our Thursday Threading Blog Hop tomorrow.  I think it's too risky since it defeats the whole idea of a blog hop.  Imagine signing up, hoping to follow and be followed, only for Google to announce that none of it worked because of some tweaking they're doing???  No thanks.  I think I can wait for a week until the dust settles....and yes, I'm hoping for it to settle.

Are you experiencing the same?


  1. It's not showing up on my site. Who knows what's going with blogger/google... they've been having all sorts of trouble as of late!

  2. I've had the same issues! Appears to be back now though.

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