Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful...

I’m writing this at my son’s school parking lot as I wait for dismissal time.  Everyone here (and the entire Midwest and Northeast actually) are bracing for a blizzard and about 2 feet of snow starting tonight.  I just came from the grocery store and you can tell that people are in disaster mode or more aptly, ‘snowpocalypse’ mode, to borrow from my nephew Josh B.  Last night, my husband swung by Walmart to pick up a couple of our prescriptions and milk for Noah and he ended up buying more than what I told him to buy.  His response was ‘Well, I saw a bunch of people buying this and that and I thought, well, maybe we need it too for the storm’.  Today as I was touring the grocery aisles, I also noticed that much of the canned goods were flying off the shelves, especially canned soups.  And of course though the store was not packed at all, I noticed that a good percentage were in the water aisle buying gallons and gallons (or bottles and bottles) of water.

This is ‘interesting’ for me, to say the least.  In my six years of living here, this is the first time we’ll be hit by something this bad.  We’ve had a lot of snow before but I think it’s never been two feet or as they said on the news, possibly 2 inches of snow per hour.  I’m anxious but there’s only so much we can do really.  I think we have the supplies we need.  We have flashlights and batteries and all that.  I just hope the utilities will keep running and that our house will be safe and remain damage-free.

Last weekend, our family drove to TN.  As you may recall, I had mentioned in a previous entry that I’m a soon-to-be ex-Midwesterner.  Well, there you have it.  We’re moving to suburban Nashville, TN quite soon…more likely in the summer if all goes well.  The hubby has a new job and though he’s not required to relocate immediately, the company prefers that he does and he himself feels that a change in scenery might be good.  Well, suffice it to say that the weather there is just so amazingly different from here.  And I don’t necessarily mean that in either a good or bad way.  While we were there, it felt like spring time, highs in the mid 60s to upper 70s (deg F), sunny and no thick coats or gloves necessary.  And then as we drove back Sunday night, it was all of a sudden Winter land once again, with the snow-covered terrain and freeze to the bone temperatures.  How cool is that?....two different seasons in less than a day?

Well, however bad it gets here, I’ll forever hold Chicago (or Illinois) close to my heart.  And I do hope its people will be kept safe this week as this storm hits us.  Stay warm and blessed, everyone.  I now have to brave the strong winds outside to go pick up the little one.  Bye for now…


  1. I'm thinking of something cute and witty to say but I can't. My brain's not working. So let me just wish you a happy snow day. Enjoy the white stuff before you leave it all behind for warm Nashville. I'm talking about snow here, alright? xoxoxo

  2. the weather down under is under a beating as well. Far North Queensland just suffered a tropical cyclone measuring category 5 which apparently Australia never experienced before ... it was scary and some other towns in that region are still experiencing the brunt of that cyclone as I write this and is still under alert ... a couple of weeks ago, south part of Queensland also suffered flood that seen alot of towns fully submerged in water that they use motorboat to look for people missing ... its sad that our climate change has been wrecking havoc ... can you just imagine what kind of world we are leaving our children if we dont make any changes ... just take care always

  3. OK -- I see were indeed moving to Nashville.


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