Monday, December 27, 2010

The Christmas Weekend

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our Christmas celebrations this past weekend.  Thanks to my niece Francesca for sharing the wonderful pictures she took during our Christmas Eve family gathering!  As usual, she captured a lot of priceless moments...

one of the very few where Noah's looking at the camera...whew!

happy to have my Mom with us this year...too bad Dad's in CA still

Mommy & Me

It's a good thing I thought of putting nail polish that night!  haha!

Noah with cousin E.

my most FAVORITE of all!!!  What a great moment to capture  :-)))

our Christmas Breakfast...Baked French toast has become part of our tradition and it's Noah's favorite!
We also had ham with Mom's homemade glaze and I made hot chocolate...yummmm....

Noah opening his presents...the MAIN one from Mommy and Daddy this year...his very own Bat Cave!

I hope you all had a wonderful celebration with your loved ones and that it was filled with love and memories to treasure!

God and I have made up.  It was kind of hard to stay mad over Christmas anyway....


  1. Thank you for sharing your family pictures! Got to love Noah showing off his belly! And that huge brownie slice in one bite (well, no bite involved, actually!) kind of kid! I especially like the holding hands...that picture says it all! Of course, the icing on the cake is the fact that you've made your peace with God! What a joyous Christmas this truly was for you!
    Keep the joy of the season in your heart...the healing continues!

  2. Great pictures Joy! Thanks for letting us peek into your celebrations. God bless you and your wonderful family

  3. 12.29.10 12:16am

    nice pics joy!! im glad you're looking "good". i read 3 more of your articles and im really soooooo grateful you write! i learn a lot from your blogs and im glad someone is speaking for me (or should i say someone feels the same way as me) keep them coming kahit naiiyak ako sa pag babasa haha!! my only wish for all of us is to have a better 2011 if not i hope we'll have enough courage to face whats ahead of us. Kaya natin to basta magsulat ka lang ng magsulat! =)

  4. Love love love the pics! Thanks for sharing. Your niece got some great shots!


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