Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mommy Seuss

I know that you love
The Cat in the Hat
I read it to you
Most days just like that

But honestly I’m tired
Sometimes I think it’s too long
It’s just hard when you’re wired
Asking for books and a song

So your tired and old Mommy
Has come up with a dark scheme
Which I know will make others
Curse baja-boo-baja-beem!!

Next time you choose this book
For the hundred and tenth time
I’ll skip pages and not tell you
Trust me you won’t miss a rhyme

I know that that's not
What ‘good’ mommies do
But hey!  I could be worse
‘Tis no reason to sue

I’m sure you’ll be fine
There's no real damage done
Mommy just wants a shortcut
And still let you have fun!

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