Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chinese Take-Over Ad

While at the doctor's office the other day, I saw this t.v. ad that even my embryos found disturbing...

This is an ad by the Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), an organization that claims to be non-partisan.  However, this ad, with the criticism on 'stimulus spending' and 'healthcare overhaul' sounds to me like a Republican-leaning, anti-Obama policy advertisement.  

I just hope people don't take this ad too seriously because I think it's....ummm....what's the word?.....STUPID.

Why would any Chinese, an educated professor at that, lecture against 'government take over of private industries', when China itself is a communist society???...a society that continues its commitment to a socialist market economic system where government has considerable control over private industries???  Does that NOT make sense?!  Don't you think this advertisement is highly illogical???  And besides, if people did seriously even try to understand what socialism means even if only on a theoretical sense, they would probably realize that it's not some evil practice that can only do harm to societies.  Some people tend to think that just because something has socialist characteristics, that it's equivalent to 'dictatorship', 'poverty', 'suffering' and even 'evil'.  It's so easy for some to criticize and be afraid without even attempting to understand.  *sigh*  

And speaking of 'evil', that's the other thing I don't appreciate about the CAGW t.v. ad.  Why must they make the Chinese professor look so sinister?  Why must it depict the Chinese as an evil race out to destroy the American society?

I don't know about you but I just think this ad feels so wrong on so many levels.  I just hope people are critical enough to see beyond the fear mongering.  Am I hoping for too much?.............

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