Saturday, August 28, 2010

Special Delivery

The eagle has landed!

Actually, that would be my Mom!  Wooohooo!!!  I am an orphan no more.  Both parents are here with me, although Mom is only staying for a few months.  That's good enough and I'll take anything as long as she's here.  It is sad however that my siblings and I have to share our parents this way, like ping-pong balls going back and forth, as my sister-in-law puts it.  Again, that's one of the challenges of migration.  And you really just have to focus on the blessings (e.g. still having your parents around and them having the capacity to fly and visit or live with you) rather than your pains.  It's what gets me through every single time.  

We actually surprised Dad with Mom's arrival.  He knew she was arriving soon but he thought she was arriving September 5th.  He got really disoriented when he saw Mom standing at our doorstep last night.  He still kind of (jokingly) resents me for 'lying' to him all this time, pretending like I didn't know anything and for telling him that the only reason AJ and I had to go out last night was to go on a date!  I can only wish I was able to take a picture of my Dad's face when he opened the door last night and captured all that shock in a photo.  That would be a good memory to preserve and cherish....much like my shock last year when AJ surprised me too with Mom's arrival.

Oh well, happy times!  Even Noah is happy and has been surprisingly extra-energetic, perhaps realizing with much delight that he now has two extra playmates in the house!  It's really just great to have both parents with me.  It's true that no matter how old we get, we never really stop being our parents' 'babies'.    


  1. 1:52pm 8.28.10 via FB

    Yay! :-)

  2. 1:30pm 8.28.10 via FB

    awww. i want my mom and dad too!

  3. So happy for you Joy! Enjoy their stay with you!

  4. awww....kainggit naman. how i wish my parents can come here for a visit too.
    have fun!:)


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