Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Marinara Dip 'Reloaded'

If you and your family order appetizers at restaurants, chances are you end up with one of those marinara sauces served as dips for your calamari, breaded mozzarella sticks and the like.  And if you're like us, very rarely do those sauces get finished at the restaurant.  A lot of times, we actually never even touch them.  

So instead of just throwing them away, I've thought of this wonderful and economical use for them.  You  can try using them as the sauce base for your homemade pizza.  Instead of toiling in the kitchen to make marinara sauce or buy a package from the supermarket, you can just use these especially if you're only making a few 'mini' pizzas for your kids.  
Here I used whatever we already had in our pantry:  those dipping sauces, tortillas (instead of pizza dough), left-over rotisserie chicken which I shredded and shredded monterey jack cheese.  Of course you can use any lunch meat that you may have at home (ham, pepperoni, hotdogs, etc), or even shrimp if you want a seafood pizza.  At the time, I did not have mozzarella cheese at home so I ended up using the monterey jack instead.  I also placed some fresh basil to brighten up the flavor a bit!

I simply placed the tortilla pizza in the oven toaster and heated everything up until the cheese was melted.  In the end, even my husband and my Dad loved the taste so I know that this is not just good for kids but your whole family as well!  
Give it a shot for a cheap but delicious meal at home!



  1. I am now crabing for pizza. Yours looks so delish!

  2. great work mum ... now more cooking blogs soon ok


  3. great idea! so economical and easy to make. my kids would love this! thanks joy!


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