Monday, August 23, 2010

Flashback: Younger Sentimental Me

I was rummaging through my old stuff and once again came across two gems.  I rediscovered these two notebooks on which I used to write my poetry, some essays, vignettes and the like.

Some of the pages look more yellowish than when I last saw them and my handwriting was obviously so much better during those days.  Ah those days....those days during my teens when everything was real, final and most of all, tragic.  Those days when my being a drama queen and addiction to the pains of unrequited 'love' (or so I thought) were at their peak.  Those were the days when all my serious crushes (especially the ones from college) were special enough to inspire my literary alter-ego. 

A funny trivia I'm reminded of now is the fact that those crushes all had code names.  There was Hyper, T2, Moon, Duckie, Sweeney, and Monterey, the greatest mistake of all.  I would write those codes at the bottom of each page to indicate the inspiration behind the written piece.  

I wrote poems both in English and Filipino and realized then that writing love poems in Filipino seemed more poetic and profound.  There are just some emotions best captured by using one's native tongue, I suppose.  

Anyway, I can babble on and on about these 'ancient' notebooks, so instead of doing that, I'll give you a sampling of what I used to write...

Autumn has passed
and once again
the ink springs forth.
For such poetry
in your voice
has sprinkled seeds
that I may be 
compelled to face my soul
and strum its strings.

(T2...for inspiring me to write again)


at hindi maaring saksi 
ang araw
sa kagandahan ng gabi,
At ang buwan
sa galak ng umaga.
Mananatiling nakakubli
ang misteryo ng gabi't umaga
sa isa't-isa.
Dapat lamang kaya?---
Marahil nga.

Ang nilikhang salisi
ay mananatili.
Ang itinakdang hiwalay
ay hindi mapaglalapit.
Ganyan tayo'ng dalawa,
pilit ma'ng yumukod
ang isa.


More to come next time...perhaps.....  


  1. 11:53pm 8.23.10 via FB

    I love the tagalog poem! Galing, Joy!

  2. Joy, eversince I could remember, you have been prolific in things like this. I remembered looking up to alot of people back during our school days, and one of them was you. I was secretly admiring and hoping that one day I could reach the kind of inteligence you have and do the same things that you do. I did tried my best and did a couple of stints in our school paper and that made me proud that at least in my small ways, I was able to put my envy to good use hahaha....

    your post just goes to show how our life changes and our perspective takes another course ... thanks for sharing some part of your past ...



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