Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mega Blender

This day has so far been about testing our new 'toy'.  Last night, during our bimonthly trip to Costco, we stumbled upon the Vitamix 5200.  We've seen this product demonstration before but never cared to stop since it was always either too crowded or we simply didn't have time.  Well, that and the price scared us away.  Last night though, Noah was behaving well, we had time to spare and Costco was comparatively empty given that it was a Monday night.  We listened to the lady as she stuffed the blender with a gazillion fruits and a few vegetable leaves.  I honestly thought she was out of her mind since there was practically no space for the ice cubes when she added them towards the end but lo and behold....She turned the motor on, pushed everything down with the blender stick and in a few seconds, everything was perfectly blended and effortlessly at that!  Needless, to say, about 3 minutes into the demonstration, I was sold!

Now I'm a gullible person, but not so much when it involves something quite pricey.  This was (is) pricey.But still I was sold!I loved how powerful the motor is and loved the idea of having the chance to eat healthier (and cheaper)!  This morning, AJ and I had the 'Everything Smoothie' and one hardboiled egg each.  That was it and we felt VERY satisfied.  And this is all coming from a carbohydrate addict who loves bread beyond words and thinks breakfast is not breakfast without it.  But I survived.  I went beyond 'survived' because I really, seriously loved my breakfast and felt satisfied for quite a long time.  I did not have any craving for more carbs after that meal.  

In the smoothie, I put 1/2 cup of half and half, 1 tbsp of honey and practically threw in what produce we had in our house:  banana, pineapple, orange, celery, carrot, lettuce, frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries.  All three of us drank the smoothie and loved it...Noah included!  Now this is a great way of sneaking in all those vegetables for Noah!  


After lunch, I decided to make a 'treat'...homemade ice cream.  Yes, the machine can make ice cream for you and you can control the cream and sugar content.  Granted the outcome was not Ben and Jerry's but again, the convenience and health factors made up for what you might miss from store-bought brands.

The feature that makes this so impressive is the 2+ horsepower motor, while most other blenders only have a quarter hp.  And as Alton Brown once recommended on Good Eats (Foodnetwork), the best blenders are square at the bottom, not round.  This one is square and blends pretty dang well!

I do hope to make other interesting things with this blender and hopefully lose some weight in the process.  Wish me luck!  Oh and yes, it comes with a mega recipe book as well!

*This is not a paid review of this product and the author has no affiliation with the maker of Vitamix or Costco.*


  1. Should've gotten this one


  2. sure, Josh...pretty scary though...!


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