Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun Love

It was Memorial Day weekend and it's these long weekends that truly show me the 'work hard, play hard' culture here in the States.  I'm not saying it's exclusive to this part of the world but I am admitting that I never saw it taken this seriously and practiced this much compared to when I was in the Philippines.  I could attribute this to the fact that corporate America is really more intense and more serious about getting their money's worth when it comes to their expectations of their workers.  From personal experience, observations and conversations with others, I have come to the conclusion that work here is more compartmentalized.  By that, I mean 'work' is work and it does not really merge much with the other facets of their lives.  In the Philippines, work days can include multiple breaks (instead of just the official ones allowed by the company), extended breaks, and relations tend to be more personal.  Filipino workers are accustomed to experiencing their work sphere merge with their family sphere and other aspects of their lives.  Co-workers often mingle and go out at the end of work days and they also become genuine friends, with some even becoming godparents of one's children, and practically family.  Such things are just part of our taken-for-granted reality back home.

Here, however, work is expected to remain in the realm of the 'professional', therefore, inclined to be more impersonal.  Week days or work days are really WORK days.  I think it is this spirit that makes Americans 'play', and play hardER and makes weekends and holidays really about family and loved ones.  

Before I scare any of you into thinking that this has become a Sociological lecture on work cultures, I just want to clarify that I was merely attempting to preface our 'play hard' weekend.  We were invited by my sister-in-law and her family to their lake house in Wisconsin and all of my husband's immediate family came (save for one brother and his wife who reside in Colorado).

Suffice it to say that it was a fun weekend, especially for the kids!  It was a weekend of food, LOTS of food, and a ton of sun and water!  My SIL's family own a pontoon boat and we spent a significant part of both Saturday and Sunday on that boat, just chilling and enjoying the water with different activities for the kids (and kids at heart)!

There was fun on land among cousins who just love to run around, play and be the happy children that they are...

Even the tractor became a source of entertainment...

Surprisingly, sand became fun too even for the boy who has always proclaimed how much he hates it getting all over him...

Can you really blame him though when his Mommy refuses to get sand on her feet too???  

And then of course, all the water fun came...

And what is it about the water that just calms and soothes?  How is it that just dipping your legs in the cool water during a hot day instantly cools you down, and brings out the child in you?

Though I did not swim (don't know how to swim, really), and my calves were pretty much the only parts of me that got a taste of the lake, it was enough that I shared in the thrills and shrills of my son, nieces and nephews as I watched them have fun in the water.  
Going to the lake house and all that boating fun are but icing on the cake. The most priceless thing indeed is the fact that families came together and beautiful memories were yet again created. We can only pray that such Memorial Day weekends will indeed be memorable to the younger ones and that their memories do justice to all the thought and care and love put into these family gatherings.  For if they do, these children will never really need much in the future to make them truly live hard and love harder.  

*Special thanks to my niece Francesca for letting me use some of her fabulous photos on here.*


  1. Love, love, love this blog, sexy! Enjoyed the super fun weekend with la familia!


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