Friday, May 28, 2010

Fortune Friday

“Confucius say:  Show-off always shown up in showdown.”

Let me begin by saying that I hate show-offs.  I think it's immature and pathetic for anyone to explicitly crave attention and recognition.  I said explicitly because I think deep down all of us want recognition but it's an altogether different matter when you do or say things for the single obvious reason of merely wanting praise, or worse,  to one-up another.  And that's the sad thing about show-offs.  For the most part, these are people who seem to just want affirmation even when it's coming from people who don't really matter.  To me, it's acceptable to brag about our accomplishments and demonstrate our exceptional skills to family, close friends and other significant others.  (Unless of course you're in some sort of competition where you do need to impress even a faceless audience).  However when it gets to a point when you are just consumed with displaying how 'great' you are and in the process becoming a bit abrasive, then that's just plain sad.  

I've always believed that you cannot deny something when it truly exists, just as you cannot force it when it doesn't.  I feel the same way about skills, capabilities and giftedness, in general.  If you have 'it', you don't really need to flaunt it and brag about it.  'It' will show and people will take notice.  More importantly, the mere fact that you have 'it' kind of makes it unnecessary for people to take notice.  Whether they do or don't should not really matter because YOU know and it should be enough.  That sounds pretty ideal but in the real world, I'll say a few compliments and some recognition never hurt anyone!  

It's really much like this...Do you ever find yourself thinking that someone is 'trying too hard' to look rich and that that person probably isn't genuinely rich when you see that he/she is dressed too much, or perhaps wearing too much jewelry to the point of looking gaudy?  And do you notice how the truly wealthy, those who do have 'it', never wear too much and always seem so effortlessly stylish yet looking ever so simple?  It's pretty much  the same thing with talent or intelligence or any other kind of skill.  Those who talk too much, say too much, brag too much, not only turn other people off but give themselves away as trying too hard but not having enough of the chops, so to speak.  The most intelligent people I personally know are also some of the most quiet ones, to be honest.  These three I now have in mind hardly say a word in social gatherings unless they're spoken to.  They don't one-up anyone in conversations and don't really compete in group discussions even when someone else, (most likely someone less 'worthy'), hogs the spotlight. They just listen, process and when it's time for them to speak, you just can't help but listen, be impressed and respect their minds.      

I'm reminded of something a high school teacher of mine used to always say to our class whenever we got a bit rowdy:  "Ang latang walang laman, maingay." ("Empty cans make the most noise").  And isn't it true too that 'silent waters run deep'?  I rest my case.

How about you?  Have you recently had an encounter with a 'show-off'?  How did you handle it?



  1. At sino naman ang nagpasabog ng catharsis na ito? Hehehe!

    But you're right, "Ang latang walang laman, maingay." Teka, sino ba nagsabi nito?

  2. Jay-Anne, si Mrs. Noval, Filipino teacher, remember? HAHAHAHA!

  3. Great reflection Joy! Hope you have some fun things planned for Memorial Day weekend. Hello to all.

  4. tThere's one in our office. >:-) I can't stand her.

  5. Great reflection Joy! Hope you have some fun things planned for Memorial Day weekend. Hello to all.


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