Monday, May 10, 2010

A Closet Grandmother

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there!  I hope everyone had a great day yesterday, either (or both) through honoring your mothers or / and being honored yourselves!  

Other than my aching finger and other joints, this year's Mother's Day made me realize that I now have two more indications that I've aged:

Mother's Day is a bigger deal to me than before.  I've always thought of this day as important while simultaneously thinking that it's nothing really 'sacred' since everyday should be spent honoring mothers anyway.  However, this time around, it felt like a big deal and I wanted it to be a big deal.  It was like I needed the recognition badly and so wanted to get a beautiful card from my husband and son.  I was also secretly praying to get my bouquet of flowers.  I'm happy to report I got both, by the way!


Perhaps I felt all this because I've been more exhausted than usual and year after year, the older Noah gets, the more I realize how much mothers need to sacrifice in order to keep their families together...healthily content and happy.  The more I experience motherhood, the more I miss my own mother and truly appreciate everything she has done for our family.  

I also get so frustrated though because with this deeper appreciation and realization, also comes a sense of deep deprivation.  Why is it that when I became a mother myself and became more appreciative of my own mother, I also had to be physically, geographically distant from her, so much so that it prevents me from honoring her face to face and spending this special day with her?  Sure I can send her flowers from across the globe but I won't be able to see the expression on her face when she sees the beautiful bouquet.  My siblings and I also can't take her out to the traditional Mother's Day brunch (or lunch or dinner!).  If only I can teleport from the U.S. to the Philippines....If only....even just for that day....and Father's Day....oh and Christmas too!  I guess for now the magic of Magic Jack and Skype will have to do.

I've grown EXTREMELY domesticated.  I had to add 'extremely' because I know friends will react and say I've always been such.  And they are correct.  But now, more so than before, the excitement and the thrills come from learning how to make some new sauce from my food processor; or being able to organize and label the shelves in our freezer; or perhaps being able to miraculously remove food stains from fabric.  And this past Mother's Day weekend, AJ had another 'present' for me which totally blew me away!  

He secretly purchased online a Eureka Enviro Hard Surface Floor Steamer and its arrival last Friday drove me to the depths of excitement!  I have been begging for him to get me a steam mop and I guess after much research (yes, he needs to do a lot of this first), he found this one to be very highly-rated.  Now it no longer pains me to plan on mopping our floors but instead gets me all eager as if it's my chance to play with a magical toy!  It has totally come to this. Mops and floor cleaners have become the seat of my exhilaration.  How wonderful!   

I wonder what my Real Age is?  65 perhaps???  

Well, again, I hope everyone had a meaningful weekend with your mothers and the mothers in yourselves, whether you are already actually one, or just one who is a mother at heart....and one who rejoices in mopping and soaking stained clothes, of course!  




  1. What a great Mother's day gift.:) Let me know how the steamer works and I'll know if that's what I'm going to ask as a gift for Christmas. LOL!:D

  2. Happy Mom's Day Joy! I also find happiness and contentment whenever I'm in hardware/home stores. It feels good knowing or finding something new for a "solution" to some household dilemma, doesn't it?

  3. I think our family has celebrated 3 or 4 different dates for mother's day, depending on where we currently reside. I've actually lost track of when is the "real" mother's day. The unusual number of early text messages raise a suspicion that something's up and the greetings confirm it. I then pass the message on to my equally clueless hubby. Never mind flowers of breakfast in bed. If I'm lucky we realize the occasion early enough to go for brunch. I'm not complaining. The same thing happens on Father's day, but in reverse!

    And I totally relate to your excitement over the steamer. I remember my own aha! moment was waxing lyrical about the joys of a Swiffer. A manual one at that :-)

    Long live moms!

  4. my lola moments are luckily still few and far in between but i know it will come when i least expect it.

  5. i dunno why i missed this post. perhaps because i was busy on mother's day weekend thinking on how to make that day special for the family. o di ba, mother's day na, for family happiness pa rin and not just myself? hahaha.

    anyways, reading your blog always puts a smile on my face. you put into words what i cannot write. hahaha.

    btw, how's your steam mop? i'm also dying for one but for some reason i keep putting it off. i'm tired of cleaning up after my toddler kaya yan na ang bibilhin ko for father's day! bwahahaha.


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