Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cathartic Gratitude List 1

This is not such a good day for me.  And that's me trying to phrase it nicely.  I'm not feeling too well and instead of enjoying this 80 degree day outside with Noah and his cousins and my SIL, I know I'll pretty much stay inside my house, maybe lie down on the couch or something.  And since I don't have the mental capacity to write about anything really cerebral right now, add to that the fact that my fingers are feeling stiff as well that pounding on this keyboard feels quite exhausting, I'm choosing to come up with, and share with you my gratitude list for the day.  

1.  I am grateful for this clear and sunny day.  I'm sure a lot of kids are enjoying the outdoors today and so are our plants.  I can't wait to see how many of them have survived the winter and can only hope that our lilies and peony made it and are preparing to impress me with their beautiful blooms sometime soon.

2.  Though I'm grateful for the 'beautiful' day today, (as defined by most people), those who know me know that I'm not a big fan of the heat.  I've always loved cooler days, and yes, the gloom too.  So...I am grateful for the airconditioning in the house.  Thank you for keeping me comfortable, thus subduing the grouch in me.

3.  I am grateful for Facebook for giving me something brainless to be occupied with.  And of course, it's always entertaining to see what's going on in my friends' lives (although some details I'd rather not know about sometimes).  Well, I guess it's all part of the package and I can't complain.

4.  I am grateful for my Noah's kisses.  Especially on these days when I feel out of it and just feel like shrivelling up, all I need is my little imp's sweet kisses.  Oh those soft, tiny, baby lips and that sweet baby breath....I just live for those!  And his tight hugs too!  Simply priceless!  All I need to do is call him, ask for five kisses and he just does it.  Oh, and he counts too so I'm grateful for that as well.  At least the whole stint is quasi educational, right?


5.  I am grateful for leftover food in the fridge.  We all know there are days when even the most inspired foodies don't feel like standing in the kitchen for more than five minutes.  Blessedly, not only do we have leftovers from yesterday, my SIL also gave me this wonderful dish for take-home the other night when we had dinner at their house.  It's a Filipino dish called Sinigang sa Miso.  The soup is tamarind based so it's sour and it's got miso, mustard leaves and catfish as the main ingredients.  I love the comforting sour soup with a hint of heat from the ginger and considering I've been craving for seafood and anything light, the catfish and mustard leaves just hit the spot for me!  

I am certain that tomorrow will be a different day, but I can only pray that it will be a better one.  If not, then perhaps I'll just come up with another list to make my burden feel lighter.  There's really nothing quite like the extinguishing power of a gratitude list when you feel you are beginning to be consumed by the insidious flames of negativity.  

How about you?  What is your list like today?   

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