Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mommy Break

Tonight is a big night and it’s making me excited almost beyond words…almost.

The Pacquiao-Clottey fight airs on pay per view (PPV) tonight live from Texas and I’m certain boxing fans worldwide are geared up for it, especially Filipinos.  I won’t go much into Pacquiao’s/Pacman’s background and ‘awesomeness’ since I’m sure you either already know about it or can easily get the information somewhere else online.  I will point out, however, that the magic of Pacman is strong enough not only in bringing people together in social gatherings during fight night, but also in terms of promoting national unity,  if only for one night.  It has been said that during Pacman’s fight nights, no crime is committed in the Philippines and that some kind of ceasefire happens between the rebels and the military.  Now if that isn’t magic, I don’t know what is!

Pacman night is like the Filipino Super Bowl.  It calls for some sort of gathering, mostly of testosterones (and may I remind you that both sexes possess testosterone), and you don’t necessarily have to be a huge boxing fanatic to be present.  It’s safe to say that as long as you’re Filipino possessing some fiber of Filipino sentiment in your body, then you will most likely care about the fight and its results.  Unlike the Super Bowl though, and typical of most Filipino gatherings, expect more than just beer, chips and dip.  Menus may vary but I assure you that there will be a lot more food than your typical American party.  It always is the case.  What can I say?  We love to eat and eat well!

I don’t want to mislead you though into thinking that the reason I’m excited is because I want to watch the fight.  I’m actually not a boxing fan.  I don’t derive pleasure from watching people hit each other and spit out blood in between.  I just get tired either squinting the whole time or trying to cover my eyes when the big blows come, and I have to admit that having my ass twitch for the duration of the fight is not my idea of fun.  I care about the results of the fight though and am totally rooting for Pacman.  I am very Filipino, after all.  But AJ letting me know about the results and describing some highlights to me always suffice.  I can also check out some good video clips online days after and I’ve always been fine with that.

My excitement about the fight night is really more selfish than anything else.  You see for me, fight nights translate to alone time.  Oh goodness, just typing those two words bring me such ecstasy!  When AJ gets an invitation, mostly from family, to watch Pacman’s fights via PPV television, I always hope that it’s one where Noah can tag along so that both boys are out of the house for the night.  Isn’t that wonderful?  For a few priceless hours, I can totally relax and be responsible only for myself.  No one to entertain and play with, put to bed, give out reminders to, watch over and argue with.  It’s a well-deserved and much desired ME TIME. 

I can watch whatever t.v. show or DVD I want.  I can be on my netbook if I choose to, without a tiny pair of hands insisting on pounding on my keyboard, messing up my work in the process.  I can catch up on my magazine readings and lessen my guilt over keeping our subscriptions.  I can maybe pick up a book I started reading months ago.  I can just vegetate.  This doesn’t sound fun to some people and one may argue that going out and being social is more rewarding.  I have one thing to say to that. ---- I don’t care.  Call me anti-social all you want but this is me….the one that loves to stay at home and thinks that there’s no better relaxing form of entertainment than being in my head.  That’s kind of hard to do when you’re being attentive to someone, or worse, forcing yourself to listen to someone and feign empathy.  And who will disagree with me when I say that being in your pajamas with your au naturel face and hair definitely beat trying to find a good-enough outfit that will flatter your body that’s been wishing it would shrink to 4 sizes smaller and also spending at least 30 minutes just to conquer yet another bad hair day that seemed to have lasted for a year now???

Well, I’m sure someone out there is probably disagreeing with me now but again, I don’t care.  I am an exhausted person, wife and mother, who needs a break from being responsible for other people for a change.  I believe, especially as a parent, we all need that break time and again.  It’s so easy to define ourselves as ‘parents’ all the time, feeling that we have totally morphed into these super responsible and totally mature, all-about-the-super-ego human beings.  But it’s unrealistic to try to be that all the time.  We all need a breather and be reminded of how it was when life was simpler; when there was no one else to worry about and care for than our selves; when there was no one else to nurture and no one else more important than who we are.  Sounds selfish?  Yes.  Is it wrong?  No.  Whoever spread the belief that selfishness is an absolute negative is an absolute moron.  It’s only commonsense to take care and feed oneself first before having the capability to extend yourself and what you have to others.  What value can be shared if you are worthless to begin with? 

So, good luck and I wish you much success, Manny Pacquiao!  And thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my exhausted body for giving me another fight night hibernation time.  

Joy here, signing out......................................................................................................................................


  1. "having my ass twitch for the duration of the fight is not my idea of fun" -- so funny! i know what you mean, heh-heh.

    ako rin, i feel that solitude can indeed be very enjoyable. no pressure, no games, and no noise. there is a sense of freedom that i love about it...

  2. "i dont have children but i still need my alone time once in a while. i think that's what travelling alone to different countries do to you. aside from not really being sure if that one fantastic scene you saw on tv is something you have actually seen yourself or just read somewhere, you learn to enjoy your own company and be happy in your solitude. so although i do not miss travelling by my lonesome self to a foreign country with no english, i do like spending time alone every now and then."

  3. Some "me" time is always welcome!

  4. alone time. miss those times. i usually sneak one when the kids and hubby are asleed. :-)

  5. I read somewhere that a big lifestyle change in 2009 (in RP, at least) is that during Fridays, people always opt for a laid-back gimmick, that is, if they are not at home. So, lazy-to-go-out people like you and me are on the "cool" side. Hehehe.

    Re: Manny Pacquiao, for the first time, I wanted him to lose (Ya, I know, that's very anti-Filipino...), because I know Manny Villar is going to ride on the Pacman's victory. Next elections... anyone but Manny Villar :D

  6. The story of the Pacquiao vs Clottey fight is going to be about whether Clottey’s pressure and counter punching can overcome Pacquiao’s foot speed and quick-handed, sharp-punching attacks. Trying to penetrate Clottey’s guard is like trying to get near one of Pacquiao’s veins with a needle—no easy task, even for someone with the speed and offensive capabilities of Pacquiao. Clottey is fighting for the title and not for the money. At the same time, Pacquiao is not going to be there for Clottey to hit either. Clottey will have his moments along the way. But being light on power, he won’t be able to do enough damage or land a high enough volume of punches to slow Pacquiao to the point of submitting to his pressure game.


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