Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kids' Outfit Hangers

**Previously posted at the Page-Manuel family site, but I'm in the process of revising said site**

Did you ever wonder what to do with those outfit hangers you've accumulated while your child was growing up?  

We get them all the time either directly from our purchases from the store or through gifts.  I don't particularly like them since I always hang tops and bottoms separately so that I can easily see them and have the liberty to mix and match.  Well, I'd like to share a great way to re-use these hangers, in case you're still contemplating on getting rid of them.

If my family is anything like yours, the last few minutes before stepping out the door, in cold weather particularly, can get a bit stressful.  That's about the time everyone goes frantic looking for their hats and gloves.  Hopefully, this system would help your family as it has helped ours.


You can keep it to just one hat and a pair of gloves, or hang additional hats with strings or loops on the stem and neck of the hanger.  

We prefer these hangers instead of the skirt or trouser ones with clips because these ones are easier and safer for the child's hands/fingers.  
Noah can just pull his hat and gloves himself and also put them back without needing assistance and no risk of getting his fingers pinched.

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