Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Autism and Dentistry

One of the blogs I follow is 'Pediatric Dentistry' by Dr. Dean Brandon.  I've always found his site very informative and just recently, he published an article about how treatments are generally done when the patient has autism. I don't have a special needs child but was happy to have the knowledge about the topic as I had often wondered about it myself.  

I appreciate how Dr.Brandon conveyed the message that these special needs patients aren't much different from other patients, although at times, depending on the need, some sedative medications may need to be administered.  At the end of the article, I smiled when he wrote that for the most part, it's the parents that get more stressed out from the whole process, rather than the children themselves. 

I was really able to relate to that since a lot of times, AJ and some of my other friends point out to me how stressed out I get just worrying about Noah's behavior (which is just typical toddler behavior at that!) .  I mean, think of how many times we, as parents, have over-anticipated the 'sssshhhh-ing' in Church, as we do our best to keep our kids well-behaved and completely quiet.  The funny thing is that sometimes, AJ and I actually make even more noise telling Noah to keep quiet which aggravates the whole matter.  Think, too, how many times you've imagined the judgmental looks and stares while you try to control your child while you shop in the supermarket or spend some time in the library?You have to agree with me that those thoughts of embarrassment and unsolicited attention are far more stressful than the actual effort of simply making sure that our children are safe and not acting inappropriately.  I've always been told that I need to give other people more credit when it comes to feeling empathy and being considerate of adults with toddlers/babies.  I need to relax and let go a little bit because frankly, just being with a toddler who has all the energy and curiosity in the world is tiring enough.  I need to know that the world is still a kind place where people can be a bit more understanding of others who seem to be having a tough day as well, maybe even tougher at times.  It's simply common humanity and we all need to rely on just that, sometimes.

Anyway, let me stop babbling here and give you a link to that article.  I hope that this will help parents who have special needs children, as well as the rest of us who just need to understand a little bit more.

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